New Boats & Maps Featured In Leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 Trailer

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Looks like fishing and swimming will be a thing in the game.
Looks like fishing and swimming will be a thing in the game. Epic Games

Following a delay of at least a week, season 10 of Fortnite concluded with the The End event and introduced the next season. Interestingly, the event turned out to be a literal one – players could no longer play the game afterwards.

Yes, that is right – Fortnite is currently offline right now. However, it is expected to return from the void with a major overhaul based on the narrative from a leaked trailer. The original and ever-evolving battle royale map got destroyed in a very spectacular fashion, with players left looking at a black hole.

As has always been rumored for as long as players can remember, the game’s Chapter 2 is said to debut an all-new map. It looks like there will be a variety of fresh features in store such as boats, fishing, and swimming. The trailer for the first season of the second chapter, which is believed to have been shared with Epic Games’ permission, also features pogo sticks and the ability to carry downed teammates.

The trailer also suggests that the studio will be bumping up the level cap from 100 to 127. In addition, players will have newer ways to increase their rank. They can obtain their battle, scavenger and survival medals by collecting and looting materials as well as fighting. It should be noted that the second chapter will bring more than 100 rewards. As such, it is ideal for players to get all the help they possibly can if they intend to claim all of these.

While Fortnite has nothing to offer right now to its community, this did not stop fans and players from tuning into Twitch channels. Why so? Well, that is because they all want to stare into the void.

While it is true that making a game unavailable can bring some financial instability, Epic Games is not afraid to display such a risky move. Besides, it is very obvious that The End event is going to pay off very soon with the arrival of Chapter 2.

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