Predecessor: Let the Hunt Begin! Kira the Shadow Huntress Has Arrived in Patch v.0.5

Patch v.0.5
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Kira, the first original hero in Predecessor, has arrived in the newly released Patch v0.5. Codenamed “the Huntress,” Kira is ready to sneak past enemies and slay them using her trusty crossbow. Read further to learn more about the Huntress and what she’s capable of.

Let the Hunt Begin

Kira’s passive ability is called Vengeance. Hitting enemies with basic attacks and damaging abilities apply a stack of Vengeance for four seconds, stacking up to six times. She deals 2% bonus damage for every stack of Vengeance on the enemy. When the target accrues six stacks, the bonus damage is dealt as true damage - something that’s not mitigated by armor or other defensive items and abilities.

The Huntress’ attacks become even more potent the more stacks of Vengeance the enemy has. Her primary ability, Dusk, purifies enemy targets marked with Vengeance, dealing 6/22/28/34/40 (30% Bonus Physical Power) magical damage per stack. This ability also slows them down by 30% for 1.5 seconds, making it easier for Kira to deal the finishing blow.

Enemies cannot escape Kira’s grasp as she can use her Shadow Glide ability to close the gap. Activating this skill will prompt her to dash 600 units in the direction she’s facing. What’s more, she cannot be targeted during this time. To ensure that she gets the kill, Kira gains an additional 10/15/20/25/30 Bonus Physical Power for six seconds as well.

Kira’s ultimate ability, Purge, suits its name very well. When used, Kira unleashes a torrent of arrows and bullets for a few seconds. Nearby enemies take 90/180/270 (495% Total Physical Power) physical damage over the duration. What makes her ultimate even deadlier is that her projectiles can critically strike foes. And oh, Purge also benefits from lifesteal. So, if Kira has the appropriate items, she can do massive damage and heal quickly at the same time!

Improved AI Mode

Aside from the new hero, Predecessor Patch v.0.5 also improved the AI Mode. Now, this game mode grants account XP on match completion; take note that players get less XP in AI mode compared to regular PvP games. However, this is a perfect way to level up accounts without the stresses of fighting against real players.

So, what can you say about the new hero Kira in Predecessor Patch v.0.5?

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