PowerWash Simulator: The Tomb Raider Special Pack Launching January 31

Time to drop by the Croft Manor.
Time to drop by the Croft Manor. Twitter/@PowerWashSim

Have you ever wondered what it means to clean the mansion of the rich and famous? PowerWash Simulator gives you the chance to experience that with the Tomb Raider Special Pack. It's coming to players for free on January 31, giving access to the Croft Manor.

In a statement, FuturLab Lead Designer Dan Chequer revealed that coming up with this special pack was not only an honor but also a fantastic experience. He added that he's excited for players to try out Croft Manor and learn its many secrets.

Dallas Dickinson, Franchise General Manager for Tomb Raider at Crystal Dynamics, shared that for sure a lot of Tomb Raider fans have long known that Winston could really use help in cleaning the grounds. This is now not only possible but also immensely satisfying.

Finally, Square Enix Collective Studio Head Phil Elliott said that the community wants more to clean and he's happy to have been able to start the post-release plans in style with this new collaboration.

After a successful early access, PowerWash Simulator was officially launched on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in July 2022.

Key features of the game include:

  • Clean Up the Neighborhood
    • Build up your business in Career Mode and finish different jobs in the town of Muckingham.
    • There's no right or wrong and no time pressure or final score.
    • It’s just you and the tools you need to soak away that stress.
    • You can also replay your favorite jobs in Free Play.
  • Powerwash and Chill
    • Relax, unwind, and play with friends in Online Co-Op.
    • Lend a helping hand in Career Mode or play with up to 6 friends in Free Play.
  • Keep it Clean
    • For those looking for a challenge, beat the best scores in Challenge Mode.
    • Fight grime in different scenarios and wash against the clock in Time Challenge.
    • Test your accuracy by using as little water as possible in Water Challenge.
  • Good Clean Fun
    • No matter what they may be, no dirt is too tough for your range of washers, nozzles, cleaners, and extensions.
    • Different dirt types have distinct levels of toughness, so be sure to use the right equipment.
    • You can customize your look with washer skins and gloves.
  • Relaxation, Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • There's something for everyone from the casual clean freaks to those looking for some nitty-gritty.
    • Absorb the relaxing atmosphere and stress-free pace.
    • Sit back, relax, and wash those worries down the drain.
  • The World is Your Canvas
    • Create art by cleaning the way you want.
    • Your nozzles are your brushes and the neighborhood is the canvas.
    • Unleash those creative talents and transform ordinary dirt into exceptional artwork.

PowerWash Simulator is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch on January 31.

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