PowerWash Simulator: Celebrate the Anniversary with Three Special Jobs

New jobs available.
New jobs available. Square Enix

It’s been a year since PowerWash Simulator went live in Steam Early Access. To celebrate this special anniversary, Update 0.9 has been released which features three Special Jobs selected and voted for by the community.

The new community maps feature a Gnome Fountain, a Steam Locomotive, and a Mini Golf Course. All three of these Special Jobs were proposed, selected, and voted on Discord by the PowerWash community.

In a statement, FuturLab Co-CEO James Marsden revealed they’ve always known that when it comes to the development of the game, the community would have a huge role to play. He added that it was important to engage with players and get their feedback. Marsden went on to say that they are truly excited about this update since the three original levels and improvements were community-driven.


The new update introduces some interesting improvements to the game. One of these is the Aim mode which lets players move their washer without moving their camera. This should be a good way to play.

The second is the revamped jobs. According to the development team, they took feedback from players to know which levels and areas needed improvements. In answer, several jobs had their visual and design enhanced like the Back Garden, Shoe House, and Storybook Cottage. Severe jobs had their details renamed as well, to make them more straightforward.

Finally, the game now lets players earn beyond their careers. Co-op partners and replaying levels now earn 25% of the total amount of the cleaning job. Meanwhile, Player 1 in co-op gets the total amount if they are in career mode.

You can check out the changes that arrived with the new update here.

In PowerWash Simulator, players wash away any of their worries with the sounds of high-pressure water. Players run their own power washing business and remove every speck of dirt and grime. Since its launch, nine updates have been released and more than 25 new jobs added. There are also two game modes for everyone to enjoy. PowerWash Simulator is available on PC.

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