‘Power Rangers’ Movie Poster Teases New Rangers… Sort Of

Following the announcement that Bryan Cranston will be playing Zordon, the leader of the Power Rangers, a brand new poster for the upcoming 2017 film has been released.

The official Power Rangers Twitter account released the new poster featuring a star-studded sky with the stars in the shape of the Power Rangers lightning bolt symbol, along with the words “Together We Are More” printed in the sky.

At the bottom of the poster we have our five Rangers posed around and on top of a car as the sun sets behind them, causing a shadow effect.

Check out the brand new Power Rangers poster below.

The new 'Power Rangers' Movie poster
The new 'Power Rangers' Movie poster LionsGate

The poster for the upcoming film is subtle, to say the least, with many expecting to see the new cast in their new Ranger suits. However, while the original Power Rangers: The Movie had the six Rangers out in front, that film had the benefit of a cast taken directly from the television series at the time.

Now, Lionsgate is looking to make this Power Rangers more grounded with its own spin on the origin story of five teenagers with attitude.

For one, we have Elizabeth Banks as a very different (and noticeably green) Rita Repulsa and the aforementioned Bryan Cranston playing Zordon, adding some star power to the cast of unknown actors.

Becky G, RJ Cyler, Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin and Dacre Montgomery are set to play Trini, Billy, Kimberly, Zack and Jason, respectively.

Power Rangers is set to release in 2017.

So what do you think of the new Power Rangers movie poster? Are you excited for the movie? Let us know in the comments section below.

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