POSTAL: Brain Damaged Officially Announced For Consoles And PC

The debut trailer was dropped during Realms Deep 2020.
POSTAL: Brain Damaged has been officially announced for consoles and PC, to be released sometime in 2021.
POSTAL: Brain Damaged has been officially announced for consoles and PC, to be released sometime in 2021. Running With Scissors

Arizona-based developer and publisher Running with Scissors, along with developers Hyperstrange and CreativeForge Games, have just announced POSTAL: Brain Damaged, a retro-styled first-person shooter which is a spin-off from the popular POSTAL series. The game is planned to release for both consoles and PC via Steam in 2021.

In POSTAL: Brain Damaged, players will be stepping back into the shoes of the iconic Postal Dude with his signature trench coat and shades. In its overview, the plot is described in a press release as: “One too many hits to the head (and hits off the pipe) has everyone’s favorite bathrobed anti-hero, The Postal Dude, reeling from brain damage. When he closes his eyes in a drunken, drugged-up stupor, he awakens in a psychedelic, grotesque, utterly twisted dream world.”

As seen in its trailer, players will navigate through a nightmare asylum filled with hostile patients armed with dildos, crazy grandmas throwing what looks like plungers, and dangerous nurses lunging and slashing from every angle. As is usual for the franchise, urinating at will is still a staple of POSTAL: Brain Damaged. New moves such as strafing, dashing, sliding, and bunny-hopping will now be in the Dude’s arsenal as players navigate through the game’s retro-styled stages, which include a “grungy asylum, comic convention, Area 69, and more”. Finally, tons of different ways to blast everyone in your way is in the game, such as the iconic double-barreled shotgun, a devastating railgun that can eviscerate enemies from afar, and the infamous cat silencer from the previous games.

POSTAL: Brain Damaged will be developed by Hyperstrange, who is most known for their work on ELDERBORN, and CreativeForge Games. “They just don’t make badass shooters like they used to... Brain Damaged takes the torch from all the pretenders while excreting everything fans want to see from the series that once birthed ‘The Worst Game Ever (Trademark),’" Running With Scissors founder Vince Desiderio added in the press release. "The Dude is back and dirtier than ever!”

POSTAL: Brain Damaged is set to launch for consoles and PC via Steam in 2021.

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