Postal 4: No Regerts Patch Improves Cinematics, Adds New Foliage Effects

Postal 4 Update
Postal 4 Update

Developer Running with Scissors recently rolled out a hotfix for Postal 4: No Regerts which fixes multiple bugs, adds new features, and improves the game overall. Running with Scissors has up the quality of cinematics and now hides the HUD during cutscenes. The developers have also added new effects for leaves when they are effected by the wind.

Some of the issues where you crash randomly have also been fixed and also some weird bug that appears on the minimap which ruins the navigation. Running with Scissors also added some new terrain materials which make the game look better visually.

Postal 4: No Regerts Update Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes for Postal 4: No Regerts below


  • Corpses and gibs lifetime menu option (‘Performance’ settings)
  • Powerlines in Riverside tile
  • WIP PetShop / MethLab in Riverside tile
  • Zap-zone signs
  • Foliage density option (‘Performance’ settings)
  • New interior ambience sounds to businesses / major buildings
  • Gamepad Options Menu, including features such as being able to invert axis
  • An intro fly in sequence before you take control of The Dude
  • Timed Auto-save setting (It’s enabled by default, game will auto save every 10 minutes)


  • Added a particle to to the Gas Can’s spout to hide the trail particle gap
  • Some of the cinematics have had another pass to better follow rules of cinematography and to hide the HUD
  • Enabled root motion on trip animation; NPCs will no longer snap back to starting location after playing the animation
  • Optimized the Penitentiary building
  • Made some changes to landscape in Riverside tile
  • Implemented new, better looking terrain materials across the whole game
  • Improved collision on main road section
  • Left hand Revolver will now contribute execution points to the main right hand Revolver
  • Increased the Pigeon health so they don’t instantly die from Bystanders on fire
  • Enabled wind effects on foliage


  • At least eight common crashes
  • Various mapping bugs that were reported on our Janky forums
  • Double telephone poles from Riverside transition
  • Phone interface when riding the Scooter
  • Removed “Sample text” message from Mini-map transparency option
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