Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Traffic Management Update Now Live

Traffic Management Update
Traffic Management Update Steam

The Traffic Management Update for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is now available on Steam. This is a pretty hefty update that allows players to take care of the traffic using cones and gestures; the AI is also vastly improved in this patch.

A new set of goodies await players when they open up the trunk of their patrol car. Cones and barriers allow them to block off individual lanes, entire streets, or even secure accident sites. In fact, they can even be used to annoy drivers!

The Traffic Management Update introduces some hand gestures as well. This gives players the ability to manage the traffic by performing specific hand movements. Players can order NPCs and NPVs (non-player vehicles) to stop and wait or turn around to use a different route, for example.

As mentioned earlier, the AI in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is now much better, highlighted by NPCs and NPVs becoming more human-like than before. For instance, they now react better to police cars that have their lights and emergency sirens turned on.

Here are some of the other changes in this patch:

  • Added a new modding system for ELS (Emergency Light System): Players now can change their police vehicle emergency lights and sounds for the emergency siren
  • Improved traffic behavior at intersections
  • Changed the stopping distance between NPVs in traffic and on accident sites
  • Added more functionality to NPCs' feet making their walking more realistic
  • Changed during beta: Improved NPV lane switching logic: NPVs will not block traffic when they want to switch lanes
  • Added the names of NPCs in Encounter reports to make it clearer what actions and NPCs caused the loss or gain of the CP/SP (now you know who to blame)
  • Improved the handbook, added categories to make it easier to search through the handbook entries
  • Added warning pop-up messages after the player changes the spawn density/range settings
  • Added more intuition feedback to assist players in placing road blockers
  • Players can now arrest someone for fleeing
  • Improvement of overall in-game performance
  • Adjustment of NPC spawning range and density in multiplayer
  • Increased the speed requirement between NPV and player car to 35 mph to register as an accident
  • Increased the distance between player and accident site for despawning of vehicles
  • Increased the distance between player and NPV for hand gestures: Now players can use hand gestures from a longer distance
  • Another attempt at decreasing the frequency of wallet thefts
  • Increased amount of cones to carry from 2 to 4

The full patch notes can be found here.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Traffic Management Update is available on PC.

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