Police Simulator: Patrol Officer Launches New Update

More efficient law enforcement.
More efficient law enforcement. Aesir Interactive

A new update is now available on Police Simulator: Patrol Officers which makes the gameplay even more interesting. The Holding Cells update now allows virtual police officers to transport handcuffed suspects in their very own vehicles to the nearest police station. They can then transfer these suspects to the holding cells.

Players can look forward to seeing holding cells in every single precinct in Brighton. To make the holding cells as realistic as possible, the development team revealed that they took some inspiration from other games and have worked with actual police officers in real life.

Basic Modding

Another feature that’s sure to excite players is they now add their own changes to the game through modding. That’s right, players can now mod uniforms and even vehicle skins. It’s going to give the appearance of the officers that individual touch and ensure that their patrol cars stand out from the rest. The new update now also makes it possible to change the names of police officers.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

  • Players can now fine and ticket someone after handcuffing them.
  • Players can now check the ID after handcuffing someone.
  • Players can now give accident reports to arrested people.
  • Tow Trucks and Arrest Transports now have a lightbar.
  • Ring menus now display the availability of a submenu.
  • A volume slider has been added to the audio options for the ELS.
  • Players can now delete save games in the save menu.
  • The AI spawn behavior has been improved.

New Changes

Other changes that arrived in Update 5.1.0 include the new Callout - Arrest and Transport Criminals. There’s also the improved callout to investigate crime scenes so that NPCs won't despawn.

Speaking of NPCs, changes are:

  • NPCs
    • Added new sitting animations.
    • Added NPC conversation in drunk states.
    • Added new hairstyles for NPCs which will make the NPCs more diverse.
    • Spawn Density Areas: Players can now control how many NPCs are spawned.
  • NPC Interactions
    • Players are now able to fine or ticket NPCs after handcuffing them.
    • Players can now give accident reports to arrested people.
    • Players can now give back the ID to handcuffed NPCs.
    • Players can now search and frisk NPCs that are turned around.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is available on PC through Steam.

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