Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Callouts Now More Frequent in Update 8.0.0

Update 8.0.0
Update 8.0.0 Steam

The last patch for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers this year was released not long ago. Update 8.0.0 does not bring new content, but it offers a plethora of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

Players of PS:PO will be quite busy after the update because the developers have increased the frequency of callouts. From mundane tasks like giving directions to more difficult assignments like stopping a robbery, players have to be ready for what is to come.

Speaking of callouts, a timer has been added so that players won’t get blasted with NPC interactions when starting a shift.

Now, road accidents can happen and will inevitably result in traffic. Fortunately, players can now call a tow truck and ambulance in Update 8.0.0. They also have the ability to cancel the request if accidents are not a cause for concern.

So, what got fixed in this patch? Well, the issue where the enable/disable callout function was not working properly has been addressed. The bug that prevented the second player from setting up cones has been fixed as well.


  • Added several improvements to Asking for Directions
  • Improved Reward System for the Asking for Directions feature
  • Improved minimal distance for POI from NPC for Asking the Direction
  • Improved EMS targeting and pathfinding
  • Rebalanced the Cruiser
  • Rebalanced the UTV
  • Rebalanced the Utility car
  • Changed behavior of pulled over NPVs
  • Adjusted NPC walking animations
  • Adjusted certain precincts' light settings
  • Added mirrored animation for picking up barrier
  • Added collision to a police officer in the North Point Precinct
  • Adjusted camera while walking up the stairs
  • Added missing Player Accident Tutorial
  • Added intuition feedback for player accidents when leaving the player accident unattended
  • Changed the wording for "Already in session" to "Already in another session"
  • Added POI replication in Multiplayer
  • Fixed performance decrease in map and while unlocking new POIs
  • Optimizing performance to have less hitches happening during gameplay
  • Fixed not putting equipped tools away in certain situations
  • Fixed Simulation mode removing the callout enable/disable function
  • Fixed Road Barrier removal so it can be removed from both sides
  • Fixed ability to reload a full-clip handgun
  • Fixed the range of speeding to cause CP loss to player while driving around in Simulation mode
  • Fixed evening shifts not unlocking when they are designed to unlock
  • Fixed unequipping tools not working properly
Patrol Car/Emergency Car/Traffic Car
  • Fixed issues with NPVs flying into the sky
  • Fixed the ability to create duplicate tow truck calls in order to get SP
  • Fixed tow truck towing car distance in order for tow truck to tow NPVs that are close

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Update 8.0.0 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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