Pokémon Ultra Sun And Moon Rotomdex Upgrades: Everything You Need To Know

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Rotomdex gets an upgrade in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.
Rotomdex gets an upgrade in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. THE POKEMON COMPANY

The Rotomdex was a neat new feature in Pokémon Sun and Moon, but in the new Alola games your traveling companion will receive an upgrade with a ton of new items, that may even give you an edge in battle.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon do a good job of explaining how the Rotomdex upgrade works, but there are two aspects you’ll need to understand to make the most of it: how to max out its affection and getting items through the Roto Loto.


Maxing out your Rotomdex’s affection is a great way to get more Roto Loto items, so we’ll cover this part first.

While on your journey, you’ll notice Rotom on the bottom screen of your 3DS. There will be certain times where he looks sad. This means he is lonely and wants some attention or talk. Simply tap the side of Rotom’s face with your stylus to make it happy. Doing this will either make it happy or prompt a question. Answer the question to build your relationship with your Rotomdex.

There will be parts of your journey that will prompt Rotom to ask you a question, so be sure to keep an eye on it. Answer questions and give it attention when you can to boost its affection and trigger the Roto Loto.

When Rotom’s eyes glow, tap it with the stylus to activate the Roto Loto. Press A to stop the roulette to get two of a certain Roto Loto Item, which can be used in and outside of battle. If you max out your relationship with Rotom, you can use a Z-Move for a second time.


The Roto Loto Items are a great (and free) way to help trainers on their Pokémon adventure. Roto Loto Items can act like Repels or Potions, or even boost stats in battle.

When you activate the Roto Loto, the gift will be somewhat random, but you will receive two of them. These items are powerful, and only some are allowed to be used in battle.

Here is a list of every Roto Loto Item in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Roto Boost - Boosts stats of your Pokémon (in battle)

Roto Encounter - Increases chance of running into a high-level wild Pokémon (outside of battle)

Roto Friendship - Allows Pokémon to befriend you quicker (outside of battle)

Roto Exp. Points - Increase the amount of experience you gain in battle (outside of battle)

Roto Bargain - Decrease the price of items in shops (outside of battle)

Roto Catch - the catch rate of Pokémon found in the wild is increased (outside of battle)

Roto HP Restore - Fully restores a Pokémon’s health (in battle)

Roto Hatch - Increases the hatch time of a Pokémon egg (outside of battle)

Roto PP Restore - Fully restores the PP of one Pokémon’s move (in battle)

Roto Prize Money - Triples the amount of money earned in battles (outside of battle)

Roto Stealth - Prevents wild encounters for a period of time (outside of battle)

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