Pokémon Ultra Sun And Moon: Best Ways To Level Up

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Trainers looking to grind levels should find Chansey. The Pokemon Company

Many players had gripes with Pokémon Sun and Moon lack of ways to quickly level up Pokémon. There was the Pokémon League and whatnot, but past games had ways to get Pokémon to a high level in a relatively low amount of time.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has remedied this by allowing for a Pokémon to be SOS chained for massive experience.

But before we get into all of that, here are the best spots to grind your Pokémon to the level they need to be in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


The tried and true way of grinding levels in any Pokémon game. In the later stages of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you will challenge the newly formed Pokémon League. After you become the Champion, you will be able to continue to enter it and defend your title as Alola League Champion.

The trainers you will come across will have lower level Pokémon than your team so you can easily dispatch them with your team and gain some much needed experience.


This is an easy and effortless way to level up your Pokémon if not the fastest. Once you have access to the Poké Pelago feature, you can leave your Pokémon in the Isle Evelup area to have your Pokémon train and get their levels up while you continue on your journey.

You’ll need to have 45 Pokémon in your PC to unlock the Isle Evelup and then you can choose the Level Boost Drink and leave your Pokémon there to train.

If your Isle Evelup is at Level 1, your Pokémon will gain 100 experience points, 250 in Level 2 and 500 in Level 3. Again, this isn’t the fastest or most efficient way to level up your Pokémon but if you don’t mind leaving them for hours then this may be the method for you.


The area that leads to the Battle Tree is called Poni Plains and houses some of strongest wild Pokémon in all of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. You can simply go and battle wild Pokémon until you reach the desired level for your Pokémon.

It’s a sure fire way to gain experience but there’s a specific Pokémon you’ll want to find in the Poni Plains that will make grinding up levels so much easier.


Chansey and Blissey were in Pokémon Sun and Moon but were not catchable as a standard encounter and you had to find them through an SOS Chain. In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, trainers can encounter Chansey without having to chain for it.

The Normal-type Pokémon give some of the most experience in the entire game and are relatively easy to defeat. There’s only a 20 percent chance to encounter a Chansey but once you do, you can SOS Chain it for as long as you want.

Once you encounter a Chansey, you’ll want to use an Adrenaline Orb and get Chansey into the red (False Swipe is a good move for this). Don’t give it a status effect; just waste your turns until it calls upon another Chansey.

You can then KO the new Chansey and wait for another to be called in. Continue this cycle and rack up on the experience points. There’s a chance Chansey’s evolved form, Blissey, will be called in and KOing this Pokémon will yield even more experience points. 

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