Pokémon Ultra Sun And Moon Poke Pelago: EV Training, Egg Hatching And More

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mohn pokemon sun and moon
Mohn is the caretaker of the Poke Pelago feature in Sun and Moon The Pokemon Company

One of the many features returning from Pokémon Sun and Moon to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is the Poké Pelago, a mode that allows for trainers to use the Pokémon in the PC box to do tasks for them.

The Poké Pelago in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon can be very helpful in your Alola journey as it can help hatch eggs faster, EV train Pokémon and find rare items.

Not much has changed from Sun and Moon to the Ultra titles but here’s everything you need to  know about the feature.


Poké Pelago is a game mode that lets trainers use Pokémon in their PC boxes to do tasks for them. The task they can do depends on the island that you have in Poké Pelago. There are five different islands in Poké Pelago and each island can be upgraded from Rank 1 to Rank 3. Each rank gives you access to more options or more rewards for completing tasks.

Trainers will receive access to the Poke Pelago when they make their way to Wela Volcano Park to take on the Fire trial. Mohn will appear to you and explain what the feature is and give you a tour of its facilities.

At first you’ll only have access to one island, but when you capture enough Pokémon and collect enough Poké Beans you can unlock new islands or Rank Up an island you currently have.

To perform tasks on each island, just press the sign and you can start the tasks.

There is also a box that you can put Poké Beans in, the amount of Poké Beans you place will determine how long it will take for your Pokémon to perform a task.

Pokemon Sun Moon 16isleabeens
Isle Abeens is the place for Poke Beans. Photo: The Pokemon Company


The first island you have in Poké Pelago is Isla Abeens. This island is the main source of Poké Beans. Trainers can use these Poke Beans to make their Pokémon more friendly towards them in the Poke Refresh feature. By pressing the tree in the middle of the island, Poké Beans will drop down.

Isle Abeens is also the place where wild Pokémon may appear. Throughout the day, a wild Pokémon may appear on the island and you can interact with it. If you check back the next day and they are still there, they will want to join you on your journey.

Serebii has a list of Pokémon that will appear on Isle Abeens.

Each new rank of Isle Abeen will give more Poké Beans. Here’s how many Poké Beans and Pokémon you need to rank up.

RANK 1 - Start

RANK 2 - 15 Pokémon 30 Poké Beans

RANK 3 - 30 Pokémon 90 Poké Beans

isle aplenny pokemon sun moon
Isle Aplenny lets trainers plant their own berry trees. Photo: The Pokemon Company


Instead of adventuring and searching under every tree in Alola, Isle Aplenny in the Poke Pelago allows for berry tree planting.

Each berry tree takes 24 to 72 hours to replenish but you can increase the amount of berry trees on your island based on the island’s rank. Here are the ranks and what they do.

RANK 1 (6 Berry Trees) - 15 Pokémon 15 Poké Beans

RANK 2 (12 Berry Trees) - 30 Pokémon 60 Poké Beans

RANK 3 (18 Berry Trees) - 30 Pokémon 90 Poké Beans

isle aphun pokemon sun moon
Isle Aphun lets trainers find rare items. Photo: The Pokemon Company


Some evolution stones are hard to find but in Isle Aphun your Pokémon can search caves for different items including these evolution stones.Trainers can also find shards, which can be exchanged for Bottle Caps.

Each rank up adds a new path that your Pokémon can find new items in.

Path for Odd-Shard Hunting: Shards

Path for Brilliant-Stone Hunting: Evolution Stones

Path for Rare-Treasure Hunting: Rare Items to sell like Nuggets

Path for Interesting-Item Hunting: Find items from previous paths

RANK 1 (Shards) - 30 Pokémon 30 Poké Beans

RANK 2 (Shards, Evolution Stones, Rare Treasure) - 30 Pokémon 60 Poké Beans

RANK 3 (Shards, Evolution Stones, Rare Treasure, Interesting) - 30 Pokémon 90 Poké Beans

isle evelup pokemon sun moon
Isle Evelup allows for easy EV Training Photo: The Pokemon Company


If you want to EV Train multiple Pokémon without having to go into battle you can use the Isle Evelup. This is similar to how Super Training worked in Gen 6, without the minigame, but Isle Evelup lets Pokémon play on this island while training a specific stat.

When you set a Pokémon to play, you’ll have to choose a drink it uses which determines the stat it increases. Each play session lasts 30 minutes, and you can set how many play sessions the Pokémon go through.

The Pokémon gains 4 EVs every play session, so 4 every 30 minutes meaning to get 252 you'd need to have 63 sessions lasting 31 and a half hours. Poké Beans will speed this up so that the play sessions only last 15 minutes per session. You can learn more about EV Training in our Guide.

Each rank up allows for more Pokémon to EV Train at once.

RANK 1 (6 Pokémon) - 45 Pokémon 45 Poké Beans

RANK 2 (12 Pokémon) - 60 Pokémon 120 Poké Beans

RANK 3 (18 Pokémon) - 75 Poké 225 Poké Beans

isle avue pokemon sun moon
Hatch eggs faster in Isle Avue Photo: The Pokemon Company


The Isle Avue has two functions. The first is to increase your Pokémon’s happiness while the second function is to hatch eggs faster. Instead of steps, this method of egg hatching depends on how much time passes.

You can learn more about Breeding in our guide.

Each rank up allows for more Pokémon or eggs to to be used in the Hot Spring.

RANK 1 (6 Pokémon) - 60 Pokémon 60 Poké Beans

RANK 2 (12 Pokémon) - 75 Pokémon 150 Poké Beans

RANK 3 (18 Pokémon) - 90 Pokémon 240 Poké Beans

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