‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ Guide: Get Unlimited Bottle Caps For Hyper Training With This Glitch

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Hyper Training in 'Sun and Moon' Pokemon Company

Pokémon Sun And Moon has a Festival Plaza that’s unlocked after you reach the Pokémon Center in Hau’oli City, and a glitch can be exploited in the mode that essentially offers unlimited Bottle Caps for Hyper Training. The method requires coordination between two knowing players, but it’s a quick way to max out IVs.

The steps arrive courtesy of Amoxity on reddit, and they exploit the automatic Bottle Cap rewards associated with installing Treasure Hunt facilities. As long as you and a friend work together, you can get a Bottle Cap by essentially spending 150 to 200 FC to continuously swap out facilities. The exact steps are listed from the source below. The only requirement is a compliant friend, enough FC and a Festival Plaza rank of eight.

  1. Find someone in your plaza that can give an introduction to the Treasure Hunt (2 stars) facility
  2. Add that person to your VIP list
  3. Get the facility
  4. Go to the new facility immediately after to get your first guaranteed Bottle Cap
  5. Make sure it is the only Treasure Hunt (2 stars) facility in your plaza (this will make farming Bottle Caps a lot cheaper)
  6. Go to your castle and page that person you just added to your VIP list
  7. Ask that person to add the same facility to your plaza, and replace it with the old one (will cost 200 FC)
  8. Immediately go to the Treasure Hunt (2 stars) facility and get your guaranteed Bottle Cap
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 and you will get guaranteed bottle caps for the effective price of 200 FC each

Another way to take advantage of the glitch is to simply swap out the Treasure Hunt for another cheap facility to another willing player in your plaza. After the two-star is gone, just page your friend and ask for it again. After placing it, you’ll get a Bottle Cap. It’s also worth pointing out that this should work with other level Treasure Hunts, but it’s cheapest to use a 2-star one.

The FC cost of this glitch doesn’t make it perfect, but it’s still a solid way to make a competitive-ready monster pretty quickly. If our calculations are correct, a fully maxed ‘mon should be possible in about an hour, depending on the degree of coordination.

Of course, for those that would rather not take advantage of an exploit, we have a Bottle Cap farming guide to make that possible. We also have a bunch of other guides for hopeful trainers to make the most of Sun And Moon as soon as they get it.

Pokémon Sun And Moon are available now on 3DS.

What do you think of this Bottle Cap glitch? Is it too long-winded to be helpful? What are your tips for Hyper Training? Tell us in the comments section!

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