Pokémon Masters EX Brings in 2 Legendary Pokémon in Give and Take Event

New members ready to join the team.
New members ready to join the team. DeNa

Pokémon Masters EX announced that Legendary Pokémon are arriving in the game through the Give and Take event. It’s going to add Xerneas and Yveltal to the trainers’ teams. They also form a sync pair with Xerneas having one with Professor Sycamore and Yveltal joining with Lysandre.

The event has actually started and runs through March 3. It’s accessible to players who managed to finish Chapter 1 of the game’s main story. The event itself has players help Professor Sycamore as he digs deeper and learns more about Xerneas. Finishing that results in the two joining the team.

For Lysandre and Yveltal, they will be available through the sync pair Spotlight Scout. The two can make use of moves like the Oblivion Wing, which brings back HP depending on how much damage was dealt to the enemy.

Get to learn all the details of the Give and Take event here.

Spotlight Scout

Aside from the new event, players can also enjoy Spotlight Scout which features Serena and Fennekin as well as Clemont and Heliolisk. For this sync pair scout, players can use the daily discount at only 100 paid gems per scout for a maximum of three times a day. Players can get rewards as well depending on the number of times they've used this sync pair scout.

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Special Celebration

Pokémon Masters EX was released in August 2019. That means it’s celebrating its one-and-half-year anniversary this month. Players who log in daily until February 17 have the chance to earn as much as 1,500 gems. Plus, players should notice that the Pokémon Center has a new look and comes with new background music.

Pokémon Masters EX is a free-to-play game where players can battle, and even recruit, many of the Trainers from the main series. It was initially titled Pokémon Masters before the name was replaced to what it is now during the first anniversary.

What makes this game different is the use of a sync pair. This is a pair composed of a Trainer from the franchise and a Pokémon associated with that Trainer. The sync pair can take on the roles of either strike, support, or tech.

Pokémon Masters EX is available for iOS and Android.

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