Pokémon Go Update: Shiny Poochyena Available In New Event

The Lunar Year event has increased dog Pokemon spawns.
The Lunar Year event has increased dog Pokemon spawns. NIANTIC

The latest Pokémon Go update from Niantic celebrates the Lunar Year. Since its the Year of the Dog a ton of canine Pokémon will be popping up more frequently. This includes Poochyena, Eevee, Snubbull, Growlithe and Elektrike. Starting Feb. 15 until Feb. 17, trainers will receive more stardust when capturing these Pokémon. Trainers also report it's possible to capture a Shiny Poochyena during the event.

Here’s the official announcement from Niantic via Twitter.

This new Pokémon Go update gives trainers a chance at some Pokémon they may have had trouble finding in the past. Poochyena and Elektrike were introduced alongside Gen 3, while Snubbull came to the popular mobile game with Gen 2.

Those looking to get more candy to evolve their Growlithe into the majestic Arcanine will have their chance this weekend. Trainers can also aim to get the five Eevee-lutions currently in the game.

Players looking for Shiny Poochyena will want to encounter everyone they find because, like other Shiny Pokémon, you won't be able to tell if it's a Shiny unless you attempt to catch it. Thankfully, Shiny Poochyena’s coloring is much different than its original color. Going from gray to gold, Shiny Poochyena can’t be mistaken for its normal counterpart.

Shiny Poochyena’s inclusion in Pokémon Go brings the Shiny count to 22, which includes the Magikarp, Shuppet, Duskull, Aron, Swablu, Pikachu and Snorunt lines as well as Sableye, Mawile and Absol.

Once the official timing of the end of the Pokémon Go Lunar Day event is confirmed, we will update the story. The recent server issues extended the Valentine’s Day event for 24 hours so if it happens again, trainers can expect another chance at finding their Shiny Poochyena.

Have you been able to find a Shiny Poochyena in Pokémon Go yet? Let us know how many Shiny Pokémon you’ve captured in the comments section below.

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