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rayquaza pokemon oras
Rayquaza as it appears in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Pokemon Company

The Rayquaza Raid Battle has come to Pokémon Go and while it’s impressive to simply catch the Legendary Dragon, some trainers will be looking for the strongest among them. We’re talking about Rayquaza’s Individual Values (IVs) and its Combat Power (CP).

While many casual Pokémon Go players feel the higher the CP the stronger their Pokémon, that’s not always the case. The Appraisal feature introduced a way to make multiple Pokémon of the same type perform differently in battles  and trainers will want to figure out which Rayquaza is strongest.

The folks over at Pokémon Go Hub have compiled an IV chart, which takes the CP of the Rayquaza and determines how strong that Pokémon’s HP, Attack and Defense are.

Check out the Rayquaza IV Checker chart below.

rayquaza iv chart1
Rayquaza's IV Chart Photo: Pokemon Go Hub

rayquaza iv chart2
Rayquaza's IV Chart Photo: Pokemon Go Hub

rayquaza iv chart3
Rayquaza's IV Chart Photo: Pokemon Go Hub

Pokémon Go players can reference our Appraisal guide to understand the minutiae of determining their Pokémon’s battle prowess. When it comes to Legendary Raid Battles, however, some trainers will want to hunt the strongest and the above chart will help.

Rayquaza was added to Pokémon Go in the final wave of Gen 3 Pokémon and will appear in Raid Battles, similar to other Legendary Pokémon like Lugia and Kyogre, for a limited time. Trainers will have from Feb. 9 to March 16 to catch as many Rayquaza as they can.

Other Pokémon added to the popular mobile game on Feb. 9 include:

  • Beldum

  • Metang

  • Metagross

  • Bagon

  • Shelgon

  • Salamence

  • Chimecho

  • Taillow

  • Swellow

  • Swablu

  • Altaria

  • Tropius

  • Wingull

  • Pelipper

These new Pokémon will have an increased spawn rate, giving trainers more of a chance to fill up their Pokedexes.

Also, during this new Gen 3 update event, trainers can use lures for a longer period of time. Until Feb. 23, lures will last for six hours, 12 times longer than usual, and the store will also be updated with in-game bundles that include Egg Incubators and Star Pieces.

Was the Rayquaza IV Checker helpful? Do you look for a Pokémon’s IVs before heading into a Raid Battle? Let us know your strategies in the comments section below.

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