Pokémon GO Planning to Launch a Referral Program

Commemorating the 2011 Japan earthquake.
Ready to invite friends?
Ready to invite friends? Niantic

The main goal of Pokémon GO, like many games in the franchise, is all about being able to “catch ‘em all.” However, this mobile game is also about socializing, meaning interacting with other Trainers in hopes to have friends play together.

It seems that Pokémon GO is upping the ante with its planned referral program. What happens is straightforward, when a Trainer refers a friend to play the game, that friend gets rewards like Pokémon encounters, Incubators, and Rare Candy, among many others. This applies not only to first-timers but even those who are returning to play after a break. Additionally, as that friend reaches different milestones, the one who referred them also gets rewards.

According to a post by the Pokémon GO team, even when launched, they’ll continue tuning the program to make the process not only exciting but also easy. No date has been revealed but the first group scheduled to try it out is going to be the Trainers in Australia.

Commemorating the 2011 Earthquake

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. In commemoration, Pokémon GO developer Niantic is creating what it calls the "Rediscovering Memories and Local Business in Tohoku" program. This is similar to the Local Business Recovery Initiative launched back in October 2020 to help small businesses affected by the pandemic.

Commemorating a tragedy and helping local business.
Commemorating a tragedy and helping local business. Niantic

For the Tohoku program, some local businesses will become PokéStops with the local community being asked to explore their area and support these businesses. Below are some of the locations that have been recommended to be PokéStops:

  • Iwate: Rikuzentakata city
    • Hakoneyama Observatory
  • ​Miyagi: Ishinomaki city
    • Hiyoriyama Park
    • Ishinomaki Minamihama Tsunami Recovery Memorial Park
  • Fukushima: Minami Soma city
    • Mano Exchange Center
    • Former Minamisoma City Fukuura Elementary School

Get all the details here.

March Events

Several events are happening this month and right now, Trainers are likely enjoying the Season of Legends. Today, most players are possibly having fun with the Mega Bonus Hour.

There are also two new events joining the list of activities. The Charge Up Event is going to be on Tuesday, March 16, giving Trainers the chance to encounter Electric-type Pokémon. The other is the Incense Day happening on Sunday and offering Trainers encounters with Psychic-type and Steel-type Pokémon.

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