Pokémon GO Reveals Some Details of Collaboration with Pokémon TCG

A new collab is here.
A new collab is here. Niantic

Pokémon GO announced that its collaboration with the Pokémon Trading Card Game is now official. This collaboration is one of the many events happening as part of the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise. In fact, the Pokémon TCG is also celebrating the same number of years.

Some Details

During the first part of the collaboration, Professor Willow is set to appear in Pokémon TCG as a card this summer, and it's going to be available to different regions across the world. That’s not all since starting late May 2021, the collab is set to reveal more details about the art and content of the said Professor Willow card.

For those who remember, it was in July 2016 when Pokémon GO was first released. The Pokémon TCG, meanwhile, was first released in October 1996.

Like the majority of the games in the franchise, Pokémon TCG has players take on the role of a trainer and use Pokémon to battle.

March Events

The collaboration so far appears to be more about the TCG rather than the mobile game. There are, however, many events being planned this month.

Pokémon GO already revealed the various events happening in March, and one of the highlights is the start of the new season. Titled the "Season of Legends," it’s expected to last until June 1. During this new season, players have a chance to meet a lot of Legendary Pokémon . Read more about it here.

For March, the events include Raids that welcome certain Legendary Pokémon. Mega Raids, on the other hand, are set to introduce Mega-Evolved Pokémon. There are the usual Spotlight Hours and even some Bonus Hours. The Community Day that happens every month is also available. Trainers can expect as well to take on some new events. Read more about the March events here.

There were also two new events introduced for this month. The first one started last March 5, which was a sort of make-up event for the Kanto Tour. It will last until April 5 and is offered for those who bought a ticket for the Kanto Tour event. The second is the Legends Event that starts tomorrow, March 9, and lasts until March 14. Learn more about the two events here.

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