Pokémon Go Update: In-Game Quests, Shiny Filter Found In Datamine

professor willow pokemon go
Professor Willow from Pokemon Go Niantic

Dataminers have already uncovered some possible new features in the latest Pokémon Go update. Discoveries include in-game quests and a filter to separate your Shiny Pokémon from the others.

According to the Silph Road subreddit, the latest version of Pokémon Go (0.91 for iOS, 1.61 for Android) the search function in the Pokedex will let trainers find their Shiny Pokémon easier. Niantic confirmed this information yesterday, also revealing some of the other new features that are being rolled out to Pokémon Go players. These include an improved in-game News feature and the typical bug fixes and performance updates.

However, the big feature within the coding of the latest Pokémon Go update is the appearance of in-game quests. The word “quest” has always been designated for daily spins and catch bonuses, but the new update has reworked this entire section. There are two types of quests appearing in the code including Story_Quest and Challenge_Quest.

These are dependent on the mechanics required to complete the objective.

Quests in Pokémon Go have also been expanded from two (daily catch and daily spin) to a whopping 10. Here’s how  the 10 quests appear in the Pokémon Go code:



The multi-part quests, the data miners believe, should lend well to combined objectives. Another portion of the code shows Quest Characters, with the first being Professor Willow. There are also two character expressions for NPCs, which are “unset” and “happy”.

There also appears to be quests that are locked by pre-conditions and they appear as follows:


This would mean that trainers will need to have earned a specific medal, completed a quest or reached a certain level to unlock a new quest.

The latest Pokémon Go update is currently being rolled out. These features, like many of the past datamined tidbits, will not be live until Niantic announces them.

More information from the latest update can be found on the Silph Road subreddit , so be sure to take a look. Let us know what you think of possible in-game quests for Pokémon Go in the comments section below.

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