Pokémon GO: Players on Verge of Quitting After Exploration Bonuses Have Expired

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Back in June, Pokémon GO developer Niantic said that they would revert some of the changes they’ve implemented to encourage people to go back out again. This statement was made at a time where most lockdown restrictions in the US have been removed.

However, with the threat of the new Delta Covid-19 variant, it seems that reverting the “pandemic changes” is not a good idea, at least for the time being.

Now that the exploration bonuses have expired, players are on the verge of quitting due to the challenges from this pandemic.

Recent Problems

One of the things that got removed was the gifts that a player can receive thanks to their Buddy Pokémon. Players may receive up to fifteen gifts per day, which include berries and Poké Balls.

The supposed quality-of-life change would help players replenish their stocks while playing in the comfort and safety of their homes.

However, Redditor @dabomerest said that Buddy Pokémon no longer bring gifts. This not only results in not getting any supplies back when playing at home, but it also cuts sending gifts to other players during these difficult times.

In response, one user said that the game is annoying to play after the pandemic changes were removed, stating that they are taking a break so they will be mentally prepared to handle the disappointment.

In other news, some users have experienced freezing issues while playing Pokémon GO. Redditor @djw129 said that they wanted to play hard but that the game keeps on freezing even after multiple restarts.

It also seems that some players have issues with PokéStops, with some saying that they are met with the “Try Again Later” error message when spinning.

While most people are frustrated with the game right now, some users are still happy since the Exploration bonuses have been extended in some countries like Australia.

With the threat of the Delta variant and the return of restrictions worldwide, Niantic should consider retaining the “Pandemic Changes” until the situation is completely under control.

What do you think? Are you frustrated as well after the exploration bonuses have expired?

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