Pokemon GO: Players Not Happy with Niantic's Decision to Rollback "Pandemic Changes"

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Pokémon GO developer Niantic recently made an announcement of reverting some of the changes they’ve implemented due to the pandemic, and players are not happy with it.

The game was meant to be played outside. You’d have to go out there and find Pokémon that you want to add to your collection. But since Covid-19 started last year, many places all over the world have implemented certain restrictions. This has prompted the developers to make “pandemic changes.”

These changes aim to help players still enjoy the game without compromising their health and safety. One of the things that people really love was the increased interaction distance with Pokéstops and Gyms. This would help people get whatever it is that a Pokéstop can give, for example, without being too close to it in real life.

The increased interaction distance was so popular that fans have praised the developers for doing it. So much that the company intends to keep this feature permanently, or so we thought.

The recent announcement about reverting some of those pandemic changes angered many fans, especially since the interaction distance will go back to what it used to be.

Fans went to Reddit to voice their frustration and anger about the upcoming change, stating that removing the increased interaction distance is a “huge mistake.”

One user said that they’ve started playing the game only after the said feature was in effect. They added that it was so convenient since they do not have to cross a busy street just to spin a Pokéstop.

Because of the collective displeasure about the recent announcement, user Sword Slash made a petition to stop Niantic from reverting the changes. More than 50,000 users have signed the petition at the time of writing and it only needs a total of 75,000 to reach its goal.

While many fans are angered by this, some pandemic changes will remain in effect, at least, in the foreseeable future. Some of these include the incense duration still lasting 60 minutes and being able to battle remotely with “Good Friends,” among many others.

It is still unclear what the company will do after this outrage, but since many people have already signed the petition, it may be forced to reconsider.

What do you think about the company’s plan to revert the pandemic changes? Are you angered by this as well?

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