Pokemon Unite Launching in July on Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite The Pokemon Company

There are plenty of Pokémon games out there, but do you want to play with some cute Pokémon in a MOBA game? If so, the Pokémon Company and developer TiMi Studios have announced that Pokémon Unite is going to launch in July.

The game will be available first on Nintendo Switch while the mobile version will arrive in September.

Cross-progression will be enabled and you can either use your Nintendo account or Pokémon Trainer Club account for both Switch and mobile devices.

Battle in Aeos Island

All Pokémon Unite players will journey to Aeos island - a mystical island situated in an unexplored frontier.

There, the Unite Battle Committee (UBC) runs all the tournaments and the one that hands out Unite Licenses for you to summon Pokémon. Players will begin on equal footing as their Pokémon will start at level one in every match.

The Rules

In Unite Battles, there are two teams of five. Trainers can choose their Pokémon before the match begins, but you need to have the appropriate Unite License for that Pokémon.

The premise of the game is for one team to beat the other and their Pokémon. Every time a Pokémon gets defeated, it will drop what is known as Aeos energy, which players should deposit in any of the opposing team’s goal zones.

Unlike other MOBA games, each Unite Battle is time-limited. So, the team that deposited more Aeos Energy before the time expires will win.

If you compete in ranked matches, you can earn performance points that will increase your ranking. Of course, your points would either increase or decrease depending on the outcome of your matches.

Every player will start at the Beginner Cup Level. As you rise through the ranks, your current ranking will be recorded on the Global Ranking Board for all to see.

Change the Way You Look

Just like in other games in the genre, players can change the appearance of their trainer and Pokémon. You can do that with the use of Holowear, a technology that uses Aeos to provide you with different customization items available in the game.

Aside from that, you can also update your profile featuring your trainer’s avatar and your chosen Pokémon by using the game’s Unite snapshot. You can even go further by adding stickers to these snapshots to make them look even cooler.

Item Shop

As a custom in every MOBA game, there will be an item shop where you can use three different currencies: Aeos coins, Aeos tickets, and Aeos gems. The first two can be acquired just by completing Unite battles, yet the last one can be yours if you use real money.

Players can use Aeos coins and tickets they’ve acquired to purchase Unite licenses. Remember, these licenses will allow you to choose the Pokémon you want to bring with you into battle.

If you go to the Aeos emporium, you can use these currencies to buy Pokémon and trainer fashion items. You can purchase the Holowear technology from Zirco Trading, which can be yours by spending some Aeos gems.

Battle Pass

Pokémon Unite will offer seasonal battle passes to give rewards upon reaching certain levels. Players can earn battle pass XP just by completing missions.

Also, players can use Aeos gems to upgrade their battle passes, enabling them to earn even more rewards.

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