Two Pokémon GO Trainers Reach Level 50

It's a new milestone.
It's a new milestone. Niantic

It was just last month when Pokémon GO released its GO Beyond with one of the features is increasing the level cap of Trainers from 40 to 50. However, it didn’t take long for two Trainers to reach the new level cap.

An article revealed these two Trainers: FleeceKing and LaurenLolly. What made this achievement even more impressive was what they did to reach it. One of the requirements is to make 999 Excellent Throws, and you could just imagine the grind they did.

The achievement, great as it is, had controversy attached to it. According to the same report, it all started due to a bug in the game. Trainers in the Oceanic region, particularly the ones who reached Level 48, found out that their progress to the next level has all been reset.

Most Trainers waited to get an update from developer Niantic mainly hoping to at least get back their progress before the bug happened, but none of that happened. Not only that, it seems that both FleeceKing and LaurenLolly got lucky, extremely lucky. Instead of just getting their progress back, Niantic put them at Level 49. This made it easier for the two to meet the milestone, though there’s an upside to that. When Pokémon GO first announced its GO Beyond Update, it really didn’t reveal specifics. You can read about that here.

It seems that to get to Level 50 from Level 49, Trainers need to get 30 million XP and complete these tasks:

  • Make 999 Excellent Throws.
  • Catch a Legendary Pokémon in your next 5 Legendary Pokémon encounters.
  • Defeat a Team GO Rocket Leader 3 times using only Pokémon with 2,500 CP or less.
  • Hit Rank 20 in GO Battle League.

In addition, the Level 50 Challenge Trainers need to complete:

  • Make 500 Great Curveball Throws
  • Visit PokéStops 15 days in a row
  • Make 5 Excellent Throws in a row

One of the rewards in completing the challenges is an encounter with a Pokémon.

Going back to the story at hand, what do you think? Is the achievement the two Trainers got valid?

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