Pokémon Go Launches Pokémon Day 2020 Celebration On February 25

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Time to celebrate.
Time to celebrate. Niantic

Pokémon Go is all set to celebrate Pokémon Day 2020. The celebration event starts on February 25 at 4:00 p.m. EST and runs all the way until March 2 at 4:00 p.m. EST.

The actual day of Pokémon Day is February 27. That was the day when the first ever Pokémon game was released in Japan way back in 1996. In addition to a celebration event for the franchise, fans are sure to be excited with the release of Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back - Evolution on Netflix.

During the celebration event in Pokémon Go, there's going to be a lot of things to look forward to. First up is that some Pokémon are here to party. Both Pikachu and Eevee are not only going to appear in the wild, but they're also going to wear party hats. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle also have the same festive look, but are only available from 7km eggs. Those lucky enough might even get a Shiny version of a celebrating Pokémon.

The second feature of the celebration is that Armored Mewtwo strikes back in five-star raids. Not only is Armored Mewtwo set to appear in the Netflix film, but it's also going to be part of raids. This time it comes with the special charged attack Psystrike.

Longtime fans of Pokémon would do well to remember Clone Pokémon. The reason is that clones are arriving in Pokémon Go. This is in celebration of the film. Trainers should prepare to meet Clone Pokémon of Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, as they appear in four-star raids. During the event, it's advised that trainers use #GOsnapshot as they may be able to have Clone Pikachu appear in their photo.

During the event, Pokémon Go revealed that Trainers are going to be be able to do up to two special trades a day.

Raid Day

There's also going to be a Raid Day on March 1 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time. This Raid Day is going to feature Nidorino and Gengar wearing party hats. Nidorino are set to appear in two-star raids while Gengars that know Lick and Psychic are going to appear in four-star raids.

Trainers might also encounter a Shiny Nidorino or a Shiny Gengar wearing a party hat.

During this Raid Day, Trainers can get as much as five Raid Passes for free by spinning Photo Discs at Gyms. However, Trainers are not going to be able to hold more than one of these Raid Passes at once. In addition, the Raid Passes aren't going to be available after the event ends.

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