PlayStation State of Play May 2024: First Trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds Released

Prepare for the hunt. PlayStation

Back in December, Capcom revealed they were working on Monster Hunter Wilds. During the recently held PlayStation State of Play, we're getting additional information on what to expect for the game.

For starters, a new trailer has been released that you can watch and enjoy below:

Truly Immersive

The game offers players what can be described as breathtaking immersion. That's because each person, monster, and locale, act with their very own thoughts and motivations. All of these combine to result in a Monster Hunter ecosystem that's not only immersive but also constantly changing. When players meet a large monster as they're exploring a locale for example, they can immediately start the quest. In addition, players can also engage their hunter with other characters through fully voiced conversations. This should allow for a deeper connection with other characters they meet along the way.

Interesting Locales

Another interesting feature in the game is that the locales are deep, dense, and more importantly, three-dimensional. If you've watched the trailer for example, one of the locales shown is known as the Windward Plains. It's a vast and untamed land that's simply waiting to be explored. As hunters explore this locale, they'll soon realize that while there are landscapes that are teeming with life, it's contrasted by the harsh environments. In fact, the extreme weather conditions transform the locale in surprising ways.

Anyway, the Windward Plains is actually the first locale that the investigation team explores once they arrive in the Forbidden Lands. It has a lot of unique areas composed of sandy deserts, swaying grasslands, and twisting rock formations.

Meet the Monsters

Of course, it goes without saying that one of the highlights are the monsters. In the game, these Monsters act independently as a way to survive the harsh environments. Hunters can look forward to immersing themselves in a vibrant ecosystem of monsters living in nature. These include large-scale groups of monsters that move in herds and packs and interact with one another.

Time to Hunt

Monster Hunter Wilds sees the return of 14 iconic weapon types. While veterans of the series are sure to find themselves right at home, there's a lot of new actions for each weapon type that's sure to bring the hunt to the next level.

Monster Hunter Wilds is releasing for the PlayStation 5 in 2025.

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