Palworld Devs Have No Problem with Decreasing Player Base, Says Report is "Lazy"

Time to find your new Pal. Pocketpair

Early this week, an article came out in Forbes reporting that Palworld apparently has lost two-thirds of its players. For most people, this could pose a huge problem. Howeverm for those who made the game, that doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, the development team seem to look at it at a different.

Before we go more into that, the article published in Forbes cited that 2 weeks ago the game had a peak of 2.1 million players and now has apparently dropped to about 750,000 players. The article goes on to say that most of the players who left were probably simply checking out "what all the fuss was about."

What did the devs of Palworld have to say about it? In a post on X, Community Manager at Pocketpair who goes by the handle Bucky states that the article is "lazy." Bucky starts by saying that their expectation was for the game to break 50,000 players and the fact that it reached millions was unexpected.

Take a Break from Playing

Bucky went on to say that it's okay to take a break from playing video games and that players should never "feel bad" when that happens. Unlike other games, it seems like the studio responsible for Palworld can't release new content on a regular basis. Bucky assured everyone that not only is new content coming but once it does "it's going to be awesome." However, it does take a bit of time before it comes out.

Play Different Games

Bucky further said with some many amazing games available, players should never feel guilty when they hop from one game to another. Bucky ended the post by saying that players should play lots of games and even try different genres.

Palworld is an action-adventure and survival game with monster-taming mechanics. It was developed by published by Pocket Pair, a studio based in Japan. The game offers players access to an open world that's populated with Pals, animal-like creatures. Players can fight against these creatures even capture them to be used for building the base and even combat. It was released in January 2024 and to be available for the PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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