PlayerUnknown Announces Latest Game With Prologue

A new game is here.
A new game is here. PUBG Corp.

A new game is arriving from the same group that released PUBG, the game that kickstarted the battle royale genre. If you're thinking that it's PUBG 2, then prepare to be surprised as the upcoming game is titled Prologue.

This new game is being developed by Brendan Greene, who is working with a team of game developers and researchers. Before serving as the lead for this new game, Greene was the Creative Director for PUBG.

According to Greene in a press statement, the new studio was founded with the aim of exploring, experimenting, and most especially, creating new technologies as well as gameplay experiences. He went on to say that with this new game, the developers "are taking our first steps toward building new technologies and interactions that will help develop my ideas into reality."

Greene added that he has been given a once in a lifetime chance to give something new on a global stage with Prologue. He said that "being given a platform to build a brand-new experience outside of the Battle Royale genre is an amazing gift, and one I don’t want to squander." The new game Prologue is an exploration into both new technologies and gameplay with Greene concluding that their goal with this game is to "give players unique and memorable experiences, each and every time they play."

No other details about Prologue were revealed.

PUBG Corp. burst into the gaming scene when it released the online multiplayer battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds back in December 2017. Inspired by the Japanese film Battle Royale, the game has 100 players parachute onto an island and then scavenge for weapons and equipment, while killing opponents and doing their best to survive. Adding to the difficulty is that the safe area of the map decreases in size as time passes, resulting in tighter areas and forcing players together to fight. The last player or team standing wins the round.

Upon its release, PUBG received mainly positive reviews with critics citing that despite some technical flaws, the game had high replayability while also offering new gameplay that could be approached by players, regardless of skill level. PUBG is considered by many as the one that started the battle royale genre.

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