Platformer Furwind Set For Late June Release On Consoles

To be made available on the PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
Furwind is set for a June 27 release date on consoles.
Furwind is set for a June 27 release date on consoles. Boomfire Games

A throwback to classic platformers, Furwind, will be available on consoles this June 27. The announcement was made by developer Boomfire Games and publisher JanduSoft.

Compared to classics such as Rayman and Mario Bros., Furwind has received mostly positive reviews on its PC version. Most reviews laud Furwind's challenging gameplay, gorgeous graphics and its complementary music. Weak points are for its supposed short playable time, which may be subjective depending if you’re a die-hard platforming addict, or a casual gamer looking for a challenge. If you’re the former, then the gripe might be true. If you’re the latter, then you may be pulling your hair out from frustration, but still enjoying your time.

The story revolves around the titular character, a fox named Furwind and his adventures in a world populated with sentient and anthropomorphic animals. The world he lives in is in danger, and the balance of nature is about to be disturbed by an evil cult. The cult has awakened an old evil called Darhûn, who was imprisoned in the depths of the jungle a long time ago. Now it is up to Furwind to restore balance to his world. Your story starts like any typical redemption story: Furwind’s village burns down, and his clan chief White Claw asks for him to end the terrible evil plaguing the lands of Moontail.

Engrossing narratives and grandiose storylines have never been considered the strong points of any platformer. Platformers, in terms of narrative, usually just require the bare minimum would work. That’s why no one really cared why Mario was chasing the princess endlessly, nor why Samus was blasting away Space Pirates mercilessly. People mostly cared about how platformers performed on an audio-visual and gameplay standpoint. This is not the case for Furwind, who won fifth place from Player’s Choice Best Upcoming Indie in 2017.

There’s no doubt that this should translate to sales once Furwind becomes available for consoles on June 27. Furwind will be available on PS4, PSVita, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. It's available right now on Steam for PC.

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