Planet Zoo: New Conservation Pack and Update 1.10

Planet Zoo Update 1.10
Planet Zoo Update 1.10 Steam

Planet Zoo recently received an update that adds the Conservation Pack, and new education stations.

Conservation Pack

The Conservation Pack introduces four new animal habitats and one new exhibit animal. The four new animal habitats consists of:

  • Przewalski's Horse
  • Amur Leopard
  • Siamang
  • Scimitar-Horned Oryx

The exhibit animal is something you might be more familiar with. That’s right, the developers have added the Axolotls into the game this update.

This pack also comes with over 150 new scenery items for players to personalize their zoos according to their preferences. The pack comes at a $9.99 price tag for those who are interested.

Education Stations

Guests are an important part of the game because they are the player’s main source of income. This update the developers have added education stations for guests to interact with educational content. This is specially aimed at the groups with children to boost their happiness, and knowledge.

There are three types of education systems:

  1. Sound Education Station: This method tests the guest knowledge about animals. The system will play an animal sound, then it will be followed by the image of the animal.
  2. Height Education Station: This station allows guests to compare their height with animals. But, it only comes in two models, Giraffe and Gorilla.
  3. Pawprint Education Station: This station allows guests to compare their hand’s size to animal’s paws and feet.

Planet Zoo Update 1.10


  • Added a notification for when Vet Research is stopped because the animal they were researching is not available in the zoo
  • Added missing "Plastic" tags to all facility signs
  • Notification for "Animal Boxed Outside of Habitat For Too Long" is now resolved when the animal is sent to storage
  • Removed duplicate female head option from avatar creator
  • Fixed bug that would allow multiple animals to be renamed at the same time from the Animal Management panel


  • Fixed a rare crash when guests look at escaped animals
  • Fixed a rare crash when selecting a building
  • Fixed a rare crash when an educator starts an animal talk
  • General stability fixes


  • General performance fixes

You can read more about the update here.

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