Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack Now Available

Tropical Pack
Tropical Pack Steam

Tropical Pack, a new paid DLC for Planet Zoo, is now available on Steam for $9.99. This DLC includes five new animals and over 200 scenery pieces inspired by Southeast Asian architecture to help turn your existing zoo into a tropical paradise.

New Content

The Tropical Pack contains five new animals that you can add to your zoo, which are:

  • Fossa
  • Lar Gibbon
  • Red River Hog
  • Asian Water Monitor
  • Brown-throated Sloth

Over 200 scenery pieces are also included in this DLC. You can build Balinese-style tiered temples or construct peaceful Tongkonan-inspired villages for visitors to marvel at. New plant life native to Southeast Asia can help bring that tropical look to your zoo as well, such as the Rafflesia, Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant, and Basket Fern.

Here are just some of the scenery pieces and foliage that you can place on your zoo:

  • Indonesian Mossy Stone Step
  • Indonesian Mossy Stone Flower Small
  • Indonesian Mossy Stone Flower Half Small
  • Indonesian Mossy Stone Flower Quarter Small
  • Indonesian Stained Timber Fence
  • Indonesian Stained Timber Fence Post
  • Indonesian Stained Timber Fence Support
  • Indonesian Stained Timber Beam Thick 1m
  • Indonesian Stained Timber Plank 2m
  • Indonesian Stained Timber Plank 4m
  • Indonesian Stained Timber Panel 1m x 1m
  • Indonesian Stained Timber Panel 1m x 0.5m
  • Indonesian Painted Wooden Trim Small
  • Indonesian Painted Wooden Arch
  • Indonesian Gilded Wooden Triangle Large
  • Indonesian Gilded Wooden Triangle Small
  • Indonesian Drapery Loop
  • Indonesian Drapery Knot
  • Indonesian Temple Brick Wall Slope 1m
  • Indonesian Temple Brick Wall Slope 2m
  • Indonesian Temple Brick Wall Curved 4m
  • Indonesian Temple Brick Column Thin 1m
  • Indonesian Temple Brick Wall Floor
  • Indonesian Temple Brick Wall Floor Quarter Circle
  • Indonesian Temple Brick Wall Gable 1m
  • Indonesian Thatch Roof Eave 2m
  • Tropical Sculpture Asian Water Monitor Head
  • Tropical Sculpture Fossa Head
  • Tropical Sculpture Lar Gibbon Head
  • Tropical Sculpture Red River Hog Head
  • Tropical Sculpture Snake Arm Left
  • Tropical Sculpture Snake Arm Right
  • Tropical Sculpture Snake Body Eighth Turn
  • Tropical Sculpture Snake Body Quarter Turn
  • Tropical Sculpture Snake Body Straight
  • Tropical Sculpture Snake Tail
  • Tropical Sculpture Snake Torso
  • Tropical Sculpture Human Legs
  • Tropical Sculpture Human Torso
  • Tropical Sculpture Topper
  • Indonesian Trade Centre
  • Indonesian Veterinary Surgery
  • Indonesian Workshop
  • Indonesian Toilet Large
  • Rafflesia Large
  • Attenborough's Pitcher Plant
  • Attenborough's Pitcher Plant Small
  • Basket Fern 01
  • Tetrastigma Vine 01
  • Tetrastigma Vine 02
Tropical Pack
Tropical Pack Steam

New Campaign

A new campaign scenario is also available. Reunite with Tiffany Summers as she plans to beautify an existing tropical zoo that her dad bought for her. But things may get even more interesting when Dominic Meyers, the right-hand man of Tiffany’s father, is tasked to help her. Something tells me that things might not go according to plan. However, that’s for you to find out!

So, what can you say about the new Tropical Pack DLC for Planet Zoo?

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