Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack and Update 1.11 Out Now

Planet Zoo
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Frontier Developments launched a new patch for Planet Zoo that adds a new DLC called the Twilight Pack and the free Update 1.11.

Twilight Pack

The latest DLC grants players the chance to make a fun zoo with over 200 scenery pieces that have a spooky theme. The developers also added these five new animals in DLC:

  • Raccoon
  • Common Wombat
  • Red Fox
  • Striped Skunk
  • Egyptian Fruit Bat

If you are interested in getting the DLC, you can purchase it on Steam for $7.99.

Free Update

Along with the DLC pack, the developers released Update 1.11 that adds lots of new stuff to the game. One of them is the Educator Exhibit Demonstrations, which allows educators to showcase animals to guests during Educator Talks. Depending on the size of the species, educators can hold them with their hands or let them rest on their shoulders.

Planet Zoo Update 1.11

General Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • When they are escaping, animals now exhibit more diverse behaviors other than running around:
    • They may choose to take a run and explore the zoo, or take a rest watching the chaos around them unfold.
    • Some of the hungrier animals may also see what your guest have left in the bins you've provided all around the zoo and knock them over!
    • We recommend sending your vets to capture escapees as soon as possible, both to avoid guests from running away and stopping animals from ingesting too much unsuitable food!
  • Added new small dung assets for certain small animals.
  • Added Temperate biome icon to the California Sea Lion education board.
  • Added Tundra and Temperate biome icons to the Gray Seal Education board.
  • Added Grasslands biome icon to the Giant Otter Education board.
  • Added Taiga biome icon to the Arctic Fox education board.
  • Added Taiga biome icon to the Llama Education board.
  • Added Desert biome icon to the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog education board.
  • Added Taiga biome for the Polar Bear Education board .
  • Adjusted the height at which several smaller animals transition from wading to swimming, to improve legs clipping with terrain and animals 'walking' while submerged.
  • Corrected the tagged species on small climbing frame blueprints and items to remove unsuitable species being shown.
  • Fixed the Bactrian Camel missing audio during intra species fighting.

You can read more about the Planet Zoo's latest update here.

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