Phasmophobia: VR Overhaul and Major Changes to Hiding Spots in Update v0.6

VR Overhaul
VR Overhaul Twitter/@KineticGame

Are you brave enough to play horror games like Phasmophobia in VR? If so, you should download the game’s latest update as it features a VR overhaul, complete with improvements, new features, and bug fixes. Update v0.6 also adds major changes to hiding spots.

Developer Kinetic Games has incorporated an entirely new VR system called the Open XR into Phasmophobia. This new system brings better performance, smoother input and interactions, support for all major headsets, and fixes for issues that plagued the old VR implementation.

When playing the game in VR, you will now see a small cursor when attempting to grab objects. Moreover, you have two options available for grabbing objects. The first is a simple toggle, where pressing the appropriate button would initiate a grab, and pressing it again will release the object. You also have the option to hold the button (and keep it pressed down) to keep hold of things.

Some of the other changes are:

  • Equipment belt and head camera slots in the truck will now highlight when attempting to slot something into them
  • "VR Seated Mode" and "Left-Handed Mode" have been added to the options
  • Height Calibration has been added to the options, allowing you to align your player character model with your real-life body
  • New hand poses and animations have been added for better visual feedback, such as using a light switch and opening doors
  • You can now swap objects between your hands by grabbing
  • You can now simulate crouching in VR by pressing the right thumbstick or trackpad
  • You can snap turn 180 degrees by pressing down (if snap turning is enabled)
  • The walkie-talkie and journal are now placed on the belt to make them easier to grab and use

Because of the major overhaul, it is recommended that you revisit the in-game VR settings and adjust them according to your preference.

Change to Hiding Spots

A lot of people hide behind doors as a means of escaping a hunt. While hiding is a core gameplay mechanic, some spots are just too good at preventing you from being killed.

Therefore, the developers made several changes to hiding spots in this patch, such as:

  • If a spot is blocked, sometimes instead of adding objects, some spots will have items removed instead (e.g. a shelf you can hide behind no longer being there)
  • Several doors, objects, and walls have been added or moved to remove several unintended safe spots
  • Willow Street House has received significant changes to make hiding spots much more consistent

The full list of changes can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

Phasmophobia is available on PC.

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