Phasmophobia: Update 0.5.0 Introduces New Items and Ghost Identity Changes

Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Update
Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Update Twitter/@KineticGame

The Cursed Possessions update for Phasmophobia is now live. Update 0.5.0 introduces several cursed items that you can use to gain information. But be warned, the info you can get comes at a price. This patch also introduces the Mimic which, as you can tell, can copy the traits of other ghost types.

Cursed Possessions

You will find one of six new items in the game that can provide you with valuable information in exchange for some sanity. They are chosen at random at the beginning of each contract. Be warned that while they can be useful, they can cause an additional negative effect, which may have a bearing on how the rest of the investigation would run. These new items are:

  • Music Box
  • Tortured Voodoo Doll
  • Haunted Mirror
  • Summoning Circle
  • Tarot Cards
  • Ouija Board

As you have known, the Ouija Board was introduced in a previous update. With the recent patch, this cursed item is no longer guaranteed on Nightmare due to the changes made to ghost identities and the introduction of other cursed possessions.

Update 0.5.0 Highlights

  • Shade
    • The shy ghost, often hiding in plain sight, only shows itself when truly necessary
  • Poltergeist
    • The ghost that loves to throw things, watch out!
  • Banshee
    • The singing siren, luring ghost hunters near and far
    • The banshee’s rare ability to hunt at any sanity percentage has been moved to the Demon
  • Demon
    • The most aggressive and dangerous ghost we’ve ever witnessed
  • Jinn
    • These ghosts love to chase, hide before they see you
  • Hantu
    • The cold has empowered these ghosts so much, it’s starting to show
  • For the duration of the holiday period, Maple Campsite weather will always be snowing, and has received new seasonal decorations
  • The Mimic
    • The most intriguing ghost type we’ve ever encountered
    • More information is available in the journal
  • Two new tabs have been added to the journal for easier navigation: Home and Items
  • Several questions have been added to the Ouija board, such as “how did you die?”
  • All large rugs and floor mats now have collision
  • Several scripts, Maple Campsite assets, and the weather system have been optimized heavily to help with performance
  • All ghosts can now throw objects during hunts, similarly to how they currently open doors
  • All ghosts, except Yokais, can now hear your voice from further away
  • Ghosts will no longer be able to wander long paths when setting waypoints through walls (e.g., Campsite black tent to storage tents) and will choose another closer waypoint
  • You can no longer quickly escape through the exterior doors or gates when a hunt starts
  • The ghost will now always write in a ghost-writing book after throwing it (if it’s the correct evidence type), except during hunts
  • You must now take interaction photos of the object that was thrown, instead of where the object was before the ghost moved it

You can read the full patch notes by heading to the game’s official Steam page.

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