Phasmophobia Update v0.4.0: New Content and Bug Fixes

Phasmophobia Steam

Phasmophobia recently received a new update that added new content and several bug fixes. The developers have reworked each difficulty setting to make it feel more unique and challenging as you progress. The amateur, intermediate, and professional difficulty modes have various setup times for you to find the ghosts.

But the true challenge lies in the Nightmare mode, where ghosts will not reveal a single type of evidence, and some monitoring tools are damaged. This makes it very challenging to find what type of ghost has spawned in a hunt. You will also get reduced restorative effects from sanity pills, compared to other difficulties. So, the ghost will likely kill the ghost hunters before anyone can make a guess.

Additionally, the developers have randomized weather for every contract. This should make each ghost hunt unique as the temperature can drop low or go high. The change in temperature will make it difficult for players to identify the scenario they are in and how each contract will play out.

Phasmophobia Update v0.4.0

  • Several new ghost types have been sighted. These new ghost types have an increased chance to spawn for the duration of the Halloween event:
    • Onryo
    • The Twins
    • Obake
    • Raiju
  • Fixed grammar and punctuation for English, in the journal, on several pages
  • Fixed a bug where ghosts would not always do their walking animation for ghost events
  • Fixed a bug where only the host could turn the car alarm off
  • Fixed a bug where the salt placement highlight was visible on walls after looking at the floor
  • Fixed a bug where you can place salt on the prison staircase inside the wall
  • Fixed a bug where “No code in clipboard” and “None” wasn’t translating
  • Fixed a bug where the footstep sounds would continue after you have stopped moving
  • Fixed a bug where the hunt wouldn’t end if the host left during the hunt
  • Fixed a bug where having multiple monitors with different resolution scales would crash the game
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost would sing while making hunting sounds at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where you could hold a tripod with a camera on during a hunt and the ghost wouldn't find you
  • Fixed a bug where the bloom option buttons were backward on the main menu
  • Fixed a bug where you could see DOTS ghosts through walls where there was no DOTS Projector
  • Fixed an exploit where you could use a camera on a tripod to trick the ghost into thinking you were inside

You can read more about the update here.

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