Phasmophobia: Nightmare Patch Adds Changes to Fingerprints and Some Ghosts

Phasmophobia Nightmare Update
Phasmophobia Nightmare Update Steam

The Nightmare update for Phasmophobia was released last week, and the developers from Kinetic Games are hoping that you’ve enjoyed it so far.

Anyway, there is another update rolled out that brings changes and improvements to the Ouija Board. Other changes are also added for some ghosts and fingerprints. Do read further to find out the best things about Patch

Improved Ouija Board

The devs added new questions to the Ouija Board to give you an estimate of your character’s level of sanity. Another major change is that the board is now guaranteed on Nightmare difficulty.

While you are given a general idea of your sanity percentage, you should not consult the board all the time. For each time you do it, your sanity drops by a small amount.

A fix has also been applied that prevents the board’s answers to overlap when asking multiple questions.

Other Notable Changes

Hunting ghosts has become a lot less annoying now as changing preferred rooms is now tied to your sanity level. The higher the sanity, the lesser the chance the ghost will change rooms.

When the Nightmare update was released, the ghost Obake did not leave any fingerprint evidence for you to pick up. Fortunately, the developers have changed this, so you can now gather fingerprints as you would do in non-nightmare difficulties.

Speaking of fingerprints, they now have a 100% chance to spawn, and they last a full two minutes before fading out. Furthermore, fingerprints can now be left in certain areas in the Maple Lodge Campsite, including the picnic benches, small tents, and cooler boxes.

Patch Highlights


  • You can now ask the Ouija board what your sanity is in different ways
  • Different questions will give different responses
  • Combining these responses can give you a very good idea of your sanity
  • Less useful Ouija Board questions now drain your sanity much less
  • Some Ouija Board spawn points have been moved to avoid clipping with hiding place blockers


  • There is now a shortcut from the entrance area to the campfire area in Maple Lodge Campsite
  • Weather can now come through the grated ceilings in the Prison cell blocks


  • Ghosts now have a maximum range for changing preferred rooms
  • Goryo will now always give DOTS evidence on Nightmare difficulty
  • Obake's strength has been adjusted to accommodate the fingerprints changes
  • Ghosts now have a much lower chance to change preferred rooms on Professional and Nightmare
  • Optimized all weather conditions for better performance
  • Ghost events will no longer stop if you leave the room or get too far away from the ghost

Phasmophobia: Nightmare Patch is now available on PC.

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