Phasmophobia Resolves Issues with Certain Doors in Hotfix v0.6.1.2

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The developers of Phasmophobia have added new hiding spots in the previous update. Now, they’ve focused their attention on fixing some problematic doors in Hotfix v0.6.1.2.

The doors in question are the basement door in Edgefield, the basement stairwell door in Willow, and the bathroom door in Willow as well. So, what was the issue? In the Edgefield door, for example, the door is swapped to the other side of the doorframe, making it almost impossible to move into unless it’s closed again.

While certain doors have been addressed in Hotfix v0.6.1.2, it seems that people have encountered an issue with some windows on the Willow Street House. The problem here is that the front windows are facing backward, which means that the locks are on the outside of the house. Hopefully, this gets fixed soon.

Patch notes

  • Adjusted a light switch fingerprint that was too similar to the Obake unique fingerprint
  • Adjusted the dirty water material to be more obvious
  • All doors in Willow now have the same material
  • Changed the crouch button on VIVE wands to now be "up" on the trackpad, to prevent an issue where you would have to turn to crouch
  • The Edgefield truck map has been rotated to be consistent with other maps
  • Potential fix for light leaks in Tanglewood
  • Potential fix for Ridgeview FPS drops
  • Fixed a bug where the Music Box would spawn floating in the air if a hiding spot was hidden in Grafton
  • Fixed a bug where the new Obake light switch fingerprint was still hard to see
  • Fixed a bug where the basement lights in Tanglewood would reflect in the dining room patio doors
  • Fixed Tanglewood basement door safe spot
  • Fixed a bug where a door in Willow that was opening through the wall slightly
  • Fixed a bug where the Flashlight emission would be on when the light was turned off
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t see PC players after they revived
  • Fixed a bug where you would start outside the truck if you weren’t in the center of your play space
  • Fixed a bug where you had to grab objects twice in multiplayer if you were not the last person to grab the object
  • Fixed a bug where teleport stamina was not working as intended
  • Fixed a bug where you didn’t have infinite sprint in teleport mode when dead
  • Fixed a bug where you could grab doors when you were dead

So, what other issues have you encountered that have not been fixed yet in this update?

Phasmophobia Hotfix v0.6.1.2 is available on PC.

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