Forsaken World: Gods and Demons Update Lets Bring Pets to Battle

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Going into battle will become a bonding experience with the half-year anniversary update of Forsaken World: Gods and Demons. That’s because players can now take their pets with them to the fight. This update also introduces a Mentorship system that hopes to improve the in-game relationships of players.

Players who can win battles and finish challenges receive rewards. There’s also a weekly leaderboard where top players get extra ranking rewards. For June, players can join the celebration with various special events that offer rewards and benefits.

Bring Your Pets

In Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, pets play a rather important role. First, they are really popular to collect and mainly used for self-expression. And second, they help players win battles by dealing extra damage.

With the new update, players can access Pet Raid. This lets them take several pets to the fight in a series of PvE challenges, which increase in difficulty. Remember that strategy is important so be sure to position your pets properly. Though this is only open to players who are at least level 150.

Mentorship System

One feature that players should try is the Mentorship system. Here, players decide whether to be a Tutor or a Disciple. When two players accept, they enter a mentorship relationship. Both get daily tasks that need to be finished together and completing these tasks results in Mentorship Points, which can then be exchanged for rare items.

That’s not all as Tutors can give their Disciples daily tasks and even assign rewards for completed tasks. On the other side of the coin, Tutors also get daily tasks that may need the help of their Disciples to finish.

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is a fantasy MMORPG that gives players access to an open world. There are a lot of things to do like raiding a dragon’s lair or looking for lost artifacts. Players can even enjoy some downtime by fishing. The game is available on Android and iOS.

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