NBA Ball Stars Update 1.4.0: Improvements to Versus Mode and Clubs

Ready for some court action?
Ready for some court action? Netmarble

It looks like a lot of new things are coming to NBA Ball Stars this June. For one, there are changes set to be introduced to Versus Mode. Next, there are new types of Contests and Showdowns arriving. Then, there are new features and bug fixes.

Before we go into the details, the upcoming update is set to increase the max GM level from 60 to 70. It also marks the start of Season 4 which means 82 more Regular Season games and a new Playoffs series.

Versus Mode

Back in May, an update was released to ensure that the Versus matchmaking experience wasn’t only fairer but also more balanced. The NBA Ball Stars Team revealed that while the change was indeed successful, it has some unexpected consequences.

To better improve this feature, these are in the works:

  • Trophies
    • The team is working on improving the Trophy Rewards that players receive regularly from winning Versus matches.
    • The update is also going to make earning Trophies more predictable. A flat number of trophies is rewarded on wins and deducted on losses.
  • Rematch
    • The team shared that they’re looking into the issue as to why some opponents were being flagged as “Unavailable” to Rematch.
    • The team is working on certain changes to the Rematch Mechanic.

New Features

Here are some features coming with the June update:

  • Clubs
    • Players can join or create Clubs starting at GM level 11.
    • Creating a Club costs 500 Player Funds.
    • Players can create a Club Avatar, Frame, and Description.
    • Club Creators can assign member roles.
    • Players can request Player Shards from other Club members.
    • Players can only request Shards of NBA Players they have unlocked.
    • Players can chat with Club members.
    • Once the update is live, players can now collaborate with Club members in exciting Club Contests.
    • Players can work with their Club to earn points so that their Club can place on the Club leaderboards and earn big prizes.
  • GM Profile
    • Players can view their GM profiles and show off their accolades.
  • Other functions players can do include:
    • Set an Avatar and Frame.
    • View Historical Statistics.
    • View Top Players.
    • View Season trophies.

Read all about NBA Ball Stars Update 1.4.0, which arrives this month, here.

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