Persona 5 Royal: New Details Revealed, Straight From Famitsu

New confidants, overhauled features - and a ton of new music tracks.
A ton of new details regarding Persona 5 Royal came out.
A ton of new details regarding Persona 5 Royal came out. Atlus

It was only yesterday when we got our first official tidbits from the upcoming Persona 5 Royal, which revealed that it will be helmed by the same director as Persona 4 Golden. This Atlus remix of its hit JRPG PlayStation 4 exclusive title is set to be released worldwide in 2020, but things are starting to heat up for its Japanese fanbase, as the game will launch later this year in its home country first.

Now, we get the full exclusive from Famitsu, who secured an exclusive interview with Persona 5 Royal director Daiki Itoh and producer Kazuhisa Wada. Both previously worked on Persona 4 Golden, with Itoh having worked as the director and Wada serving as the chief designer. Itoh also previously served as lead confidant designer for Persona 5.

Without further ado, here are the main points talked about in the interview:

Apparently, the subtitle Royal was chosen in order to express the creators’ enthusiasm in making such a gorgeous game. It certainly managed to hype up its fanbase. To that end, the team will not stop at just adding new elements, but also streamlining the game by making it easier to earn experience. This will help make sure you play at a better tempo.

The play assist feature was also overhauled, and is set to implement the voices of everyone into the game. It takes into consideration the parameters of your characters and confidants, then suggests a destination for you, all with a push of a button. In terms of scale, the newly-implemented third semester in Persona 5 Royal is set to go further beyond what was experienced in Persona 4 Golden.

The new character Kasumi is expected to add some new perspective and flavor to the story, and her interactions with the other characters will shine a new light on them. She also has a confidant which you can level up. The staff also confirmed that there will be new confidants other than Kasumi and Maruki.

For fans who’ve already played Persona 5 and still have their save data, you will get some sort of bonus. The save data is not shared across the two games, though. Persona 5 Royal is also expected to contain 20 new background music tracks, which is pretty nice considering the music in Persona 5 was one of its highlights.

Persona 5 Royal is set to be released worldwide in 2020, with the Japanese version releases on October 31, 2019.


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