Persona 4 Golden All Set For Its PC Release Via Steam On June 13, According To Multiple Sources

The PS Vita-exclusive title, if confirmed, will be the first mainline Persona title releasing on PC in the West.
According to multiple reliable insiders, Persona 4 Golden will be seeing a PC release via Steam on June 13.
According to multiple reliable insiders, Persona 4 Golden will be seeing a PC release via Steam on June 13. Atlus

According to rumors from multiple sources, publisher Atlus will soon release its critically acclaimed role-playing title Persona 4 Golden for PC. The official announcement is expected to come on June 13 during the PC Gaming Show 2020, which will then be followed by the PC debut of the game.

Originally release in 2008 for the PlayStation 2, Persona 4 follows the protagonist Yu Narukami and his role in solving murders and mysteries in the fictional, rural town of Inaba. In the Persona 4 universe, Personas, or avatars, exist that each have their own unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses. These Personas are then immersed in a surreal TV-themed world filled with monsters called Shadows. The player then guides Narukami throughout his journey to resolve the small town’s mysteries, doing mundane tasks such as part-time jobs, attending classes, and joining clubs, and most importantly, meeting numerous unique and quirky characters along the way.

Its unique and refreshing take on the JRPG genre mixed with social sim elements has turned Persona 4 into a classic, being considered as one of the greatest games of all time with praise pointed towards the depth of its plot, its refreshed battle system, and considerable improvements over its predecessors.

The leak regarding Persona 4 Golden for PC comes from Twitter user Nitomatta (the tweet has since been deleted), who pointed out a SteamDB listing for the game. This later was confirmed by SteamDB developer Pavel Djundik to be for Persona 4 Golden. Other sources supported the rumor of the game’s existence, such as Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners. Lastly, Twitter user SabiWabii has also alleged that an iteration of Persona 3 is also making its way to PC. However, no other sources have supported this claim. As of right now, the rumor regarding Persona 4’s PC port is getting more real by the minute, but we still have to wait for June 13 if Atlus is really going to announce it.

In other news, PC Gaming Show 2020 which will take place on June 13, and will showcase more than 50 games from the largest developer line-up in the event’s history such as 2K Games, Amazon Games, and Perfect World.

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