Payday 2 Switch Gameplay Shown; Port Still Debuts This Winter, Says Overkill

Payday 2 - Bank
Payday 2 Starbreeze / Overkill

Payday 2 is nearly ready for the Switch, Overkill Software confirmed on Tuesday, and fans can finally get some idea of what the heist game will look like when it hits Nintendo’s hybrid platform later this year. And the studio says it has something “special” planned for the Switch’s Payday 2 community.

The new Payday 2 gameplay appears in the latest developer diary from Overkill. The video, hosted by producer Almir Listo, doesn’t feature much footage. It’s also not direct-feed. But seeing Payday 2 running on a Switch still makes it much easier to believe the shooter might debut before the end of the year. But Listo didn’t offer a concrete timeline during this week’s update. Unfortunately it’s also clear the Switch port won’t look as nice as the PC version. But in its defense, you also can’t play that big, beautiful PC version on the bus. On the plus side, we did get confirmation Payday 2 will have a new UI on the Switch. The producer also says the port will ship with touchscreen functionality.

Interestingly, Listo also says Overkill has a “special treat” planned for anyone who buys Payday 2 on Switch. It’s probably safe to assume that “treat” will be some exclusive masks, given how frequently Overkill has used them to pay homage to other games/franchises in the past. New masks are also a centerpiece of most non-crossover Payday 2 expansions.

For an early look at Payday 2 running on the Switch, watch the two-minute developer diary released Tuesday afternoon. Then head down to the comments and let us know if you plan to add Payday 2 to your Switch library when the game debuts later this year.

Payday 2 is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is expected to hit Nintendo Switch before the end of 2017.

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