PAYDAY 2: Burn Enemies to a Crisp with Newly Buffed Flamethrowers in Update 236

Update 236
Update 236 Twitter/@PAYDAYGame

Do you want to incinerate enemies in PAYDAY 2? If so, you will love Update 236 because this patch improved two flamethrowers.

The Flamethrower Mk.1 and MA-17 Flamethrower have considerably low on-hit damage compared to other weapons in PAYDAY 2. However, they make up for this shortcoming by dealing damage over time. To make these weapons even more enticing to use, the developers buffed the measly 30 DoT damage of Flamethrower Mk.1 and MA-17 Flamethrower to 55 and 42, respectively.

Aside from that, shotguns received some notable improvements. For instance, shotgun pellets can now penetrate glass and some surfaces, just like the other firearms in the game. Furthermore, the pellets will now go through obstacles that previously blocked them, such as popped helmets and corpses.

The developers also fixed a visual issue with gas grenades that made them appear white on AMD GPUs and black on NVIDIA GPUs.


  • Fixed an issue that caused a broken weapon model to appear on Crew AI, when equipping them with a Rattlesnake Sniper Rifle.
  • Fixed a graphical issue on the Z5 Owl Glass Universal Scope that made it appear white on AMD GPUs and black on Nvidia GPUs, when Use HQ Weapons was set to OFF.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the 45 Degree Ironsights that caused it to lose textures, from a third person perspective, when Use HQ Weapons is set to OFF.
  • Fixed a graphical issue that occurred when the North Star Sniper Rifle was equipped with both a stock and the exclusive skin.
  • Fixed an issue that caused underbarrel ammo type mods to apply some of their stats to the main weapon, and vice versa.
  • Fixed underbarrel ammo type mods not applying their stats properly, like ammo pickup multipliers.
  • Fixed an issue where shotguns that have penetration capabilities and fire multiple pellets would result in unexpected visual behavior, where they only seem to fire one pellet (even though this wasn't the case).
  • Shields are now only damaged once when hit by multiple pellets, similarly to characters, but full damage is dealt instead of being divided by the amount of pellets.
  • Shotgun pellets won't cause noise at the end of their raycast when nothing is hit, to be in line with other weapons.
  • Fixed a VR issue that caused the prompt to leave a golf cart, to appear behind the player, in the back of the vehicle.
  • Tweaked the calculations for the player screen concussion effect to not stack as much and last for so long. The Marshal Shield's shotgun concussion rounds don't last as long.
  • Players now comment on getting blinded by flashbangs or the Marshal Shield's flash
  • Fixed an issue for drop-ins where shields dropped by Marshal Shields didn't enable physics and could obstruct movement of players

PAYDAY 2 Update 236 is now available on PC.

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