PAYDAY 2: Ammo Pickup Multipliers Adjusted in Update 235

Update 235
Update 235 Twitter/@PAYDAYGame

A relatively small but important patch for PAYDAY 2 is now available on Steam. Update 235 is only 109.1 MB in file size, yet it brought pretty significant adjustments.

Developers have made changes to how ammo pickup multipliers from weapon mods apply in the pickup calculation. Basically, these multipliers now affect the base pickup rate. This change ensures that the modifiers will work as intended and eliminates any potential problems with pickup bonuses.

For weapon changes, the total ammo for the RUS-12 and Breaker 12G shotguns has been adjusted. RUS-12’s total ammo is up from 15 to 40 while the Breaker 12G now holds a maximum of 28 bullets, up from 21 previously.

Update 235 implemented some important bug fixes as well. For instance, the issue in Hostile Takeover where the game won’t count any loot secured past 20 bags is now resolved.


  • Shotguns
    • RUS-12: Ammo pickup: from 0.25-0.75 to 0.2-0.6
    • Breaker 12G: Ammo pickup: 0.21-0.735 to 0.28-0.98
  • DMR Kits
    • CAR-4 Rifle: 1.125-2.475
    • AK Rifle: 1.125-2.475
    • AMR-16 Rifle: 1.08-2.43
    • AK.762 Rifle: 1.08-2.43
    • KS12 Urban: 1.08-2.43
    • Gewehr 3 Rifle: 1.19988-2.69973
    • ! Assault kits and similar (more ammo, less damage)
    • Gewehr 3, Assault Kit: 4.49955-8.09919
    • Akron HC, Aureate Exclusive Set: 5.6-11.4
    • ! Other
    • Broomstick, Precision Barrel: 0.495-1.7325
  • Grenade Launchers
    • Basilisk 3V: 0.25-0.3
    • Piglet: 0.25-0.3
    • GL40: 0.15-0.2
    • China Puff: 0.15-0.2
    • Arbiter: 0.15-0.2
    • Compact 40mm: 0.15-0.2
    • Little Friend Underbarrel: 0.075-0.1
    • KETCHNOV Byk-1 Underbarrel: 0.075-0.1
  • Grenade Launcher Ammo Types
    • Sting: 1.2x
    • X1-a Tactical ZAPper: 0.8x
    • Incendiary: 0.6x
    • Viper: 0.4x"
  • Fixed an oversight from last update causing weapons with no ammo pickup to still grab ammo pickups, despite granting nothing.
  • Added missing levels to the One More Down, No More To Go Achievement.
  • Fixed an issue of where Tag Team Perk deck was using wrong values in its description
  • Hostile Takeover
    • Fixed an issue that could hinder player movement in the area outside the Document Storage room.
    • Adjusted Locke's VO priority when the player uses the PA system to lure scientists out of the laboratory.
  • Tweaked XP values on various heists rewarding no XP for additional bags.
    • Breakfast In Tijuana: Changed bag exp values from 0 to 1,000 per bag
    • Bank Heists (All 4 variations): Changed bag exp values from 0 to 500 per bag
    • Firestarter day 3: Changed bag exp values from 0 to 500 per bag
    • Election Day, day 2: Changed bag exp values from 0 to 500 per bag
    • Election Day, day 3: Changed bag exp values from 0 to 1,000 per bag

PAYDAY 2 Update 235 is available on PC.

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