Payday 2 Reworks Damage Zones and Squashes Dozens of Bugs in Update 234

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Payday 3 may have been announced but that doesn’t mean the developer has abandoned their previous game. Patch 234 for Payday 2 went live a few hours ago and it squashes dozens of bugs. Damage zones for fire and tear gas in some levels have been reworked, so they won’t depend on latency anymore. A portion of the patch notes is mentioned below.

  • Reworked damage zones (like fire and tear gas from some levels) to not depend on latency for client players, as well as to further reduce cases of the effects persisting forever until going into custody.
  • Similar to the above, clients should now be able to safely jump onto the blankets in Lab Rats from great heights and consistently not die from fall damage, like the host does.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Rodion 3B Rifle's volley fire mode to count towards the Field Test achievement.
  • Fixed some issues with the concussion accuracy penalty multiplier. It should work more consistently and as expected. It will also sync to drop-ins.
  • Fixed an issue with modified enemy health syncing to drop-ins.
  • Temporary invulnerability will now also sync to drop-ins.
  • Optimized area trigger filtering code, fixed some specific bugs with it, and made a few more filters allow clients to sync status to the host to make things more responsive.
  • Ammo pickups that normally result in no ammo are now stored and accumulate with more pickups to gain ammo.
Weapon Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused the new suppressors to have zero threat decrease.
  • Fixed a graphical issue that occurred on low FOV while using the Aran G2 Sniper Rifle & Perfect Blue Exclusive Set.
  • Fixed a specific crash with Body Expertise if a unit has no headshot multiplier set.
  • Fixed an issue with an animation on the Rodion 3B Rifle that stopped the player from interacting with anything until the animation was complete.
  • Fixed a graphical issue that would occur on a Military Red Dot Sight on the Aran G2 Sniper Rifle, with the exclusive set, when another player viewed it with "Use HQ Weapons" set to OFF.

The complete patch notes of Payday 2 Update 234 are available on Steam.

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