Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.3.2c Implements Class and Ability Fixes

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The latest update for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is here, and it comes with several bug fixes for classes and abilities.

First, you can now unlock achievements again, thanks to Update 1.3.2c. So, for the completionists out there, be sure to download this patch right away.

Update 1.3.2c implements some class and ability fixes. One of the most notable is the error with auto-leveling where your characters’ stats are higher than they should be after retraining. This has been resolved.

In addition, the Zero State spell has the power to dispel every effect from all creatures within a 30-feet radius. However, the dev team saw that it had the power to dispel abilities that were never meant to be dispelled. To fix this, toggle abilities and Desna’s Aegis buff from Arueshalae can no longer be dispelled.

Arsinoe is a cleric of Abadar who sells healing and divine magic scrolls. She has new scrolls on offer in this patch, such as the Alchemist’s Kits VI and Scroll Scriber’s Kits IX.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed: Camellia's romance event in chapter 5 is still triggered, even if you didn't choose her during the jealousy scene
  • Fixed: Demon's mythic quest could fail in chapter 5 when it wasn't supposed to
  • Improved the dialogue with the undead Staunton in chapter 5. He will no longer get confused about Minagho's fate, and the dialogue cues for Angel and Lich won't be available for other mythic paths anymore
  • Fixed: A commoner in the Catacombs stopped yelling their lines while running away from centipedes
  • Fixed: After the cutscene in the temple, Langrat returned to his place without animation
  • Fixed: Enemies could attack during the cutscene with Langrat in the temple
  • Fixed one more reason why Yozz could disappear from Drezen if you told him to wait. If he already disappeared, you need to leave Drezen and come back again, and Yozz will return
  • Eye of the Swarm now works correctly on the clones of the Swarm That Walks
  • Fixed merging of the mythic spellbook and a spellbook of a spontaneous caster
  • Metamagic (Bolster Spell) now only hits the enemies
  • Fixed the position of hanged corpses
  • Fixed: Sometimes, when you put on and removed an item in the inventory, it would not display on the character's doll properly
  • Fixed the issue of infinite loading of a save with a monk under a polymorph effect
  • Fixed: On the global map, the dashed line crossed the junction points above them instead of below

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.3.2c is available on PC.

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