Path of Exile: Patch 3.20.1 Introduces New Sanctum Relics and More

The Forbidden Sanctum
The Forbidden Sanctum Twitter/@pathofexile

Have you been enjoying Path of Exile: Forbidden Sanctum so far? Well, it’s about to get really challenging from here on out with the new relics in Patch 3.20.1, now available on all platforms.

Grinding Gear Games has introduced Unique Relics in Path of Exile. These relics will drop by defeating the final form of the Sanctum boss. Basically, Unique Relics encourage you to do another Sanctum run, except you must complete everything while meeting a specific challenge built into the Unique Relic you possess.

For example, The Hour of Divinity is a Unique Relic where the Herald of Scourge will drop two additional Sanctified Relics upon defeat. However, it also prevents you from collecting boons along the way, making it incredibly difficult for you to actually finish the Sanctum. Take note that you need to do this in a level 80+ Sanctum, which means that the enemies inside are already quite difficult to vanquish.

The Hour of Divinity Unique Relic
The Hour of Divinity Unique Relic Twitter/@pathofexile

Now, if you have a penchant for completing the toughest content Path of Exile has to offer in exchange for some amazing loot, you might be interested in acquiring the new unique ring, Original Sin. You can obtain this ring by finishing the Sanctum without getting hit even once while The Original Scripture is equipped. So, are you up to the task?

Original Sin Amethyst Ring
Original Sin Amethyst Ring Twitter/@pathofexile

Here are the other notable changes made to Sanctum in Patch 3.20.1:

  • Introduced 7 new Unique Relics that drop from the final form of the Sanctum Boss. These Relics challenge you to complete an entire run of The Forbidden Sanctum at area level 80+ under special rules. If you're able to complete such a run, you'll be rewarded in new and special ways. However, the Unique Relic will be destroyed regardless of the outcome of your run, so if you fail to complete it, you'll forfeit your potential rewards.
  • Introduced 41 new "Lycia's Invocation" currency items. These can be applied to non-Corrupted Sanctified Relics to add their respective Keystone to the Relic.
  • Boons and Afflictions that provide increases and reductions to the effect of your Relics now specify that they do not affect Unique Relics.
  • Characters that are up close to their target now take even less damage to their Resolve.
  • Sanctum Quests are no longer hidden with the "Enable Quest Tracking" option disabled. We've also made improvements to these Quests to reduce the chance they are missed when first entering the relevant town area.
  • Party members can now store a Sanctum room for later when the map owner runs their Sanctum room for the area.
  • The Resolve bar now flashes when you heal or damage your Resolve.
  • Added a display to show which Affliction was removed when you cleansed an Affliction.
  • The Sanctified Relic Slot has been moved from the Sanctum Map and is now located in the Inventory panel.

So, what can you say about Unique Relics?

Path of Exile Patch 3.20.1 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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