Path of Exile: First Set of Changes to Sanctum Mechanic Implemented in Patch 3.20.0b

The Forbidden Sanctum
The Forbidden Sanctum Twitter/@pathofexile

Nearly a week after its release, Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum expansion received an update that brought the first set of changes to the new league mechanic.

For those who are not familiar, the Forbidden Sanctum is the latest league mechanic in Path of Exile. Here, players will delve further into the Sanctum to receive better rewards in the game's first roguelike content. While most of the community is enjoying the mechanic so far, it does need some tweaking to make it even better. Fortunately, Patch 3.20.0b brings some nice changes and improvements.

The biggest change is that increasing the player’s Resolve now heals the said resource by the same amount. Resolve is sort of the player’s HP when inside the Sanctum. Players' Sanctum runs come to an end when their Resolve hits zero, which happens whenever they receive damage.

Another major change is that players can now drop their Relics on the ground, but they are still bound to the account of the player who dropped them.

Patch Notes

  • The pickup range of Aureus Coins has been increased, and you're now able to pick them up slightly sooner after they drop.
  • Reduced the damage dealt to minions for some of the skills used by the Sanctum end boss in their true form.
  • Infernal Sentinel Sanctum Guard's Cleave attack now fires three times fewer projectiles.
  • Increased the radius for triggering Divinia's Act 2 quest in The Forest Encampment.
  • Improved the warning text that is displayed when you try to enter the final reward room in Sanctum.
  • Fixed a bug where images of the Masked Combatant Sanctum Guard could spawn Aureate Gargoyles, or spawn Volatiles on death, if you had the relevant affliction.
  • Fixed a bug where interacting with a Trial of Ascendancy Plaque in an area could abandon your Sanctum Room in that area.
  • Fixed a bug where some league encounters, such as Ritual or Incursion, could not be started if you had already stored a Sanctum Room for later in that area.
  • Fixed a bug where Sanctified Relics could be placed in slots intended for non-Sanctified Relics. Sanctified Relics placed in these slots had no effect on characters.
  • Increased the chance for Sanctum rooms that may offer items on completion to offer items in Ruthless.
  • Fixed a bug where Sanctum challenges were able to be completed in Ruthless Private Leagues.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Legion Sergeant Rarity" Ruthless Atlas Passive was missing its description.
  • Improved the user interface for the Relic Altar and Locker for controller input mode.
  • Re-combined the "Compare Item Descriptions" and "Show Advanced Item Descriptions" behavior into "Highlight Items and Objects" for when you are using a controller as your input method.
  • Fixed a bug in controller input mode where attempting to move an item out of the Relic Locker could sometimes try to discard the item instead.

Path of Exile Patch 3.20.0b is available on PC.

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