Path of Exile: Patch 3.15.1 Adds Vendor Recipes for Enkindling and Instilling Orbs

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Patch 3.15.1 just dropped to Path of Exile and adds a plethora of new improvements and bug fixes.

Instilling and Enkindling Orb Recipes

Instilling and Enkindling orbs were introduced in Patch 3.15. The former adds certain enchantments to your utility flasks, while the latter can improve your flasks by boosting their effects, in exchange for not gaining charges during the flask effect.

While they are definitely useful, they are rare and you will need plenty of them if you want to get the right enchantments to pop up. It is worth noting, however, that Instilling Orbs are a bit easier to find, though they are still rarer compared to others.

That said, Patch 3.15.1 adds vendor recipes for converting Instilling Orbs to Enkindling Orbs and vice versa. They are not available by default and you will have to discover these recipes on your own. However, the devs have noted that they are not that hard to come by.

Soul of the Brine King Upgrade

In previous patches, those who want to unlock the “30% Increased Stun and Block Recovery” upgrade for the Soul of the Brine King Pantheon power will have to fight Otesha in the Iceberg map.

The problem is that Otesha doesn’t spawn all the time, which means that you’d have to go back to the Iceberg map again and again until it appears. Fortunately, the devs have changed the requirement to killing Glace instead. Glace is the boss of the Beach map.

Shield Crush Fixed

In the current meta, one of the surprising skill gems that rose to prominence is Shield Crush. The reason is that its damage scaling is just so good which is why many people are using it.

That said, there was a problem back then where the skill would fail to deal damage if your back is literally up against a wall. This has been fixed, thankfully.

Summon Reaper Improvements

If you are rocking the new Summon Reaper skill gem, you might have noticed that two of its consume skills share a cooldown. This can be pretty annoying, especially if you are saving one of the skills on another enemy or boss. The good thing is that it is now fixed.

In addition, your summoned Reaper should now be able to destroy pots and other destructibles using some of its attacks.

Though not included in the patch, the devs have plans of adding the Instilling Orb’s mods to the Crafting Bench in the future.

You can read the full patch notes here.

So, what can you say about Patch 3.15.1?

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