Path of Exile: Patch 3.15.0d Eases Mana Cost on Support Gems

Path of Exile Expedition
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Path of Exile: Expedition had a very rough start. Aside from heavy nerfs across the board, the game was plagued with various issues. Fortunately, the developers have applied minor patches to adjust some of the changes that were implemented.

Mana Cost on Support Gems

Patch 3.15.0d aims to alleviate the heavy mana reservation changes on support gems introduced in Expedition. This minor update has reduced 10% mana reservation costs on all support gems.

For example, Brutality Support in Patch 3.15 had its mana cost and reservation multiplier set to 150%. Now, it is set to 140% only. While this isn’t a huge change, it should help you get more of your mana back, especially if you use so many support gems on your setup.

No More Abusive Goatmen

It seems that Chris Wilson, Lead Developer of Path of Exile, was not joking when he said that the Goatmen have become overpowered since Expedition was launched.

The latest update takes the Goatmen down a peg by reducing their Leap Slam and Molten Shell damage, especially in the late game.

Also, maps that have the “Area inhabited by Animals” modifier should now contain fewer Molten Shell Goatmen.

Flasks and Ailment Immunity

One major change implemented in Expedition was how certain flasks can give you ailment immunity after use.

Back then, you will be immune to certain ailments based on the duration of the flask used. But now, you will gain immunity only if the flask has actually removed the ailment. Further, the immunity granted only lasts a mere second, which is not useful at all.

This patch has increased the duration of ailment immunity to four seconds. So, when you use a flask with the “of Staunching” suffix, it not only removes bleeding and Corrupted blood, but you should be immune from these effects a bit longer now.

Bug Fixes

If you have used the Reaper skill gem, one of the new gems in Patch 3.15, you may have experienced some instance crashing at random.

You may have also noticed that there are times where your item filter will just not load. These things are quite annoying, but you can now rest easy knowing that they have been fixed in this update.

If you want to know the full patch notes, you can read them here.

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